Papier Mache

From Easter baskets, pinatas, cake toppers, and papier mache toys to party decorations, nursery decor, and easy gifts, papier mache art and decor is incredibly easy with a gorgeous outcome.

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Papier-Mache Hot Air Balloons

The sky is the limit with these charming papier-mache balloons: Use them at children's parties, baby showers, nurseries, or any place your decor needs a lift.

Temari Balls

These folk toys—made of papier-mâché spheres and colored thread—are embroidered into beautiful patterns, becoming novelty knickknacks, keepsake gifts, or lightweight ornaments for a Christmas tree.

Papier Mache Vehicles

These crafts are for kids who love to make things move -- miniature cars and buses, trains and planes, rocket ships and UFOs. In an afternoon, you can turn cereal boxes, paper plates, and cardboard tubes into vehicles of all sorts. And you don’t need any high-tech materials -- just flour, strips of newspaper, glue, and paint.

Personalized Papier-Mache Party Pinatas

These decorative pinatas are the perfect addition to any child's party, and are very easy to make.

Plaster Bones

The "Flintstones"-size femur and the heap of humeri posing as logs in the fireplace are made from newspaper wrapped in plaster cloth, papier-mâché style.

More Papier Mache

Halloween Pumpkin Piñata

Who's ready to put the "treat" in trick or treating? This easy-to-make piñata is actually a paper lantern disguised as a grinning jack o' lantern.