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From budget-friendly wall art to gallery walls, we'll not only show you unique ways to hang art, scarves, and other collectibles (and the right way to hang them), but we'll also show you how to create wall art and wall decor.

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How to Hang and Arrange Pictures
Amp up your home décor with perfectly placed frames.
How to Hang Artwork Without Making a Hole in the Wall
We asked artists for their creative methods that won't ruin your walls.
How to Refill Holes Left by a Nail in Your Wall
Find out how to use spackle, wood filler, and sandpaper to patch the surfaces in your home.
Your Guide to Sourcing Custom Picture Frames for Your Home
From where to get it made to what materials to use, we're answering any question you might have about framing.
Graphic Mobile Party Decoration
This DIY idea serves a dual purpose: Hang it for a modern display during the baby shower, then gift it to the expectant parents-to-be for their baby's nursery.
Elegant Snowflake Chalk-Art
Try this intermediate-level tutorial on drawing a snowflake. Once you know how to outline this delicate shape, you can illustrate them in all shapes and sizes.

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