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Whether you need birthday-party activities or just something to do on a rainy day, we have endless kids craft ideas. From painted sneakers, colorful bracelets or necklaces, to seashell wind chimes, some painted rock animals, a leaf alphabet collage, or a row of eggshell flowerpots. We also have kid art projects for every holiday and season.

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  • girl in ladybug costume
    Ladybug Costume

    Prep this adorable insect ensemble in the blink of an eyelash: Glue extra large faux strips onto big Jackie O sunglasses, and stick black felt dots on her favorite red jumper.

  • pegasus unicorn halloween costume
    Pegasus-Unicorn Costume

    An iridescent fringed party curtain, glittery fabric (for ears and hooves), a pleated dancer's cape, and an LED candle (for the horn) are the magic ingredients that make this winged pony glow.

  • pom-pom red panda
    Pom-Pom Red Panda

    Trim this red panda into shape along the patterns in the yarn. The low-placed eyes give it such an innocent look. 

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