Healthy Drink Recipes

Healthy drink recipes such as fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, and protein shakes help you stay energized. And, healthy drinks like green smoothies will aid with digestion, removal of toxins from your body, hydration and generally help you feel more refreshed.

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Our Top 10 Most-Pinned Smoothie Recipes

These smoothie recipes are favorites for a reason. Explore our top 10 most popular smoothies from Pinterest for your next morning sip or afternoon snack.
By Emily Goldman

Banana-Blueberry Smoothie

Rating: 3.5 stars 344
For a fresh, healthy start to the day or a refreshing pick-me-up, try this blueberry banana smoothie. It couldn't be easier to make with just three ingredients—nonfat plain yogurt, banana, and frozen blueberries. Use a ripe banana for more sweetness, or swap the frozen blueberries for the same amount of your favorite frozen fruit.

Avocado-Banana Smoothie

Rating: 3.5 stars 530
Try sipping your avocado -- this tropical-tasting avocado smoothie makes a satisfying breakfast or snack.

Pineapple and Ginger Smoothie

Rating: 3.5 stars 77
Drink up! The fresh ginger in this tropical pineapple smoothie adds a layer of spice that'll give your morning a kick.

Martha's Favorite Green Juice

Martha drinks this immune-boosting cocktail of nutritious fruits and vegetables every morning. Her refreshing green juice recipe allows for plenty of substitutions: Don't have pears on hand? Add an apple instead! Have some fresh spinach or kale that needs to get used? Either works great. With this vibrant and versatile formula on hand, it's easy to drink green.

Banana-Yogurt Smoothie

A sneaky spoonful or two of flaxseeds is enough to help this morning smoothie make you feel like a star.

Green Machine Smoothie

Detox Cred: Starting the day with this nutrient-dense elixir is a delicious way to charge your system with nutrients. Dark leafy greens are extremely alkalizing, meaning they foster a more neutral body environment for better functioning enzymes, compared with acid-forming foods like meats and dairy.

Lemon-Ginger Soda

A touch of honey mellows the fresh ginger and lemon in this refreshing fizzy drink. If you make the base in advance, the soda comes together in mere seconds.

Orange-Vanilla Shake

Rating: 3 stars 10
Replenish your zest for life with this sunny citrus smoothie that blends two peeled oranges with milk and vanilla to recreate a more fiber-rich version of an Orange Julius. 

Winter Smoothie

Rating: 3.5 stars 30
This healthy citrus smoothie is a satisfying alternative to a heavy breakfast. It's simple to make: Alternate layers or orange and pineapple slush, and mix yogurt and sliced bananas.

Thyme Tea

Teatime? Try this thyme tea (actually a tisane). The herb gets steeped with coriander and fennel seeds -- a nice break from the usual herbal tea assortments.

Inspiration and Ideas

Papaya-Ginger Smoothie
Rating: Unrated 42
Papaya has a slight muskiness that makes it a good partner for both mild and assertive ingredients. Coupling it with mint gives this quick-to-fix smoothie a bright, clean taste.
Oatmeal Smoothies
Rating: Unrated 938
Two morning favorites get even better when combined into one delicious -- and healthy! -- smoothie.
Peanut-Banana Espresso Smoothie
Rating: 3.5 stars 55

Your morning routine just became portable. Creamy peanut butter and banana come together with espresso powder in this smoothie that packs a punch.