St. Patrick's Day

Whether you’re Irish or simply Irish at heart, you’ll love celebrating St. Patrick's Day with shamrock-inspired crafts, a big platter of corned beef and cabbage, and a whole lot of green.

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Shamrock Potato Print

Here's a quick way to add a bit of Irish spirit to a St. Patrick's Day meal: green shamrocks made with rustic potato prints. This project can be started and finished while a stew is simmering in an oven, so consider printing these cheerful good-luck symbols on napkins, place mats made from masking paper, and place cards.

More St. Patrick's Day

Martha's Soda Bread with Rye and Currants

This St. Patrick's day, try a slice or two of this easy homemade soda bread for breakfast or serve it alongside Martha's Quick-Brined Corned Beef and Vegetables. This recipe balances the traditional flavors you'd expect, while also bringing something new—rye flour and wheat bran. Earthy, slightly sour, and a touch nutty, the combination of these two ingredients play perfectly off the classic soda bread flavors of currants and caraway seeds.

Quick-Brined Corned Beef and Vegetables

Corned beef—a St. Patrick's Day standby—is made from brisket that has been cured and preserved with salt, sugar, and various spices. That's right: salt and a little time are all you need to transform a tough, lean brisket into a tender braise that is right at home alongside cabbage and in-season root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and parsnips. Made with efficiency in mind, the beauty of this corned beef is that it  cures in just five days—about a third of the time that most other recipes take. 

Irish Coffee Sundaes

This scrumptious, lightly spiked sundae is a fabulous mashup of Irish coffee and a brownie ice-cream sundae. We consider this dessert the best of both worlds.