Punch Recipes

These punch recipe ideas will be a hit at your next party. Whether you are looking for a non-alcoholic or alcoholic drink, these beverages really pack a punch. Try our wine sangria recipes or even rum punches at your next party.

Staff Picks

Shrunken Heads in Cider

Rating: 3.68 stars
This one-of-a-kind Halloween recipe is courtesy of viewer Allison DiNatale. Granny Smith apples are peeled, cored, and halved, then receive a spooky carving. They're baked until dehydrated to give them a "shrunken" appearance. Float in large punch bowl with apple cider, lemonade, and spiced rum (if desired).

Warm Cider and Rum Punch

Rating: 3.8 stars
For a fun and festive holiday gathering, make this crowd-pleasing spiked punch.

Southern Comfort Punch

Freezing the citrus slices keeps this refreshing punch cold without using ice.

Lemon Drop Champagne Punch

Rating: 3.68 stars
Lemon complements just about everything beautifully, making it the logical flavor choice for a celebratory Champagne and vodka punch.

Garden-of-Evil Punch

Beckoning jewel-toned fruits are cleverly frozen into a block of ice using a cake pan, then floated atop a Halloween punch spiked with sake and plum wine. Pomegranate juice gives the drink a very apt blood-red hue.

Tropical Ginger Punch

Rating: 3.52 stars
Pass a pitcher of this refreshing summertime punch at a party, or with a bowl of chips.

Amaretto-Bourbon Punch

Rating: 3.82 stars
A punch of robust bourbon is mellowed by the addition of sweet amaretto, seltzer, and sparkling apple juice. Serve the drinks with Smoked Trout Toasts.

Spiced Rum Punch

Rating: 3.44 stars
This festive punch will get your party started and keep it rolling all night.

Christmas Punch

Rating: 3.32 stars
In the 17th century, employees of the British East India Company discovered punch, a beguiling combination of spirits, water, lemon, sugar, and spices that became synonymous with good cheer and festive celebrations all over Europe. Here, pomegranate and lemon sharpen the sunny New World flavor of cranberries.

Rum Punch

Rating: 3.17 stars
This delicious rum punch recipe is courtesy of Nikki Elkins and was inspired by her visit to Honduras.

Aperol Gin Punch

Dubbed farm punch by Sas Stewart, the co-founder of Stonecutter Spirits, this big-batch cocktail combines equal parts gin, Aperol, Lillet Blanc, and lime juice with fresh basil.

Blood Orange Punch

Rating: 3.51 stars
This recipe was also featured on "Mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala Quinn."

Inspiration and Ideas

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In addition to your signature drink, concoct a nonalcoholic cocktail that guests—underage or otherwise—can toast, without getting toasted.

Pomegranate-Champagne Punch

Rating: 3.45 stars

We used Champagne in this punch, but other sparkling white wines, such as Prosecco, are equally festive and just as good.