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Find delicious Easter recipes and menus from brunch to dinner (with lots of dessert), plus craft projects like egg-dyeing & decorating, Easter baskets and more.  

Fun Easter Ideas for Kids

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    Bunny Craft Ideas

    Want to bring some Easter bunny magic to your home? Hop to it with our rabbit-themed toys, centerpieces, and gifts.

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    Easter Craft for Kids: Super Cute Sock Bunnies and Chicks

    Easter is here and it's time to celebrate spring with cute baby animals! Here's a fun kids' craft that makes use of all those single socks we end up with after the other one disappears in the dryer!

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    Handmade Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

    On Easter Sunday, expect to hear kids hippety-hop down the stairs eager to see what the Easter Bunny brought for their baskets. Instead of filling their Easter baskets with the same ol' jelly beans, floppy-eared bunnies, and marshmallow chicks, try these kid-friendly, curated basket stuffers.

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