Easter Eggs

Have fun this Easter with our creative egg decorating ideas, and get the kids excited with one of our easy DIY projects. Learn natural ways of egg dying or use different craft materials to decorate and color Easter eggs.

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When Dyeing Easter Eggs, Is It Better to Use White Eggs Instead of Brown?
Decorating eggs is a popular Easter tradition. Knowing which color of egg to choose before you get started will help guarantee a beautiful design.
How to Naturally Dye Easter Eggs
Your kitchen is full of natural dyes. Common food items such as red cabbage, onion skins, and coffee can be used to transform plain white eggs into a rainbow of colors. Kids will especially love discovering all the different colors they can create—let them experiment using hard-boiled eggs and bowls of cold dyes.
Seven Kid-Friendly Items to Hide in Easter Eggs Besides Candy
Take your annual Easter egg hunt up a notch with these creative, thoughtful suggestions from event planners.
Dyed Easter Eggs Using Shaving Cream
Skip the vinegar and dye your Easter eggs in softer, easy-to-clean shaving cream. This easier, kid-friendly technique allows you to mix and marbleize different colors.

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How to Blow Out an Egg
This is an easy and effective method for blowing out eggs, which is a great way to decorate for Easter.
How to Make Beautiful Silk Dyed Eggs

When it comes to decorating Easter eggs, intricate patterns are a snap with this no-mess method.