Christmas Cocktail & Drink Recipes

Spread holiday cheer with every sip by serving our Christmas cocktails and drinks at your next holiday party. We've compiled a bar menu of classic and creative recipes for all types of beverages—punches, eggnogs, martinis, sours, mocktails and more so you'll be ready to celebrate with holiday drinks that satisfy different tastes and preferences.

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Homemade Hot Chocolate

Rating: 3.49 stars 1743
Hot-chocolate mix is a wintertime staple. A homemade version is delicious and natural—containing only cocoa, sugar, and salt—and especially economical compared with store-bought mixes.

Sparkling Shiraz Punch

Rating: 3.69 stars 88
Wine adds dimension to a punch instantly. This drink incorporates sparkling Shiraz, and is a good recipe to have in your repertoire -- it can be made in minutes.

Christmas Punch

Rating: 3.32 stars 1162
In the 17th century, employees of the British East India Company discovered punch, a beguiling combination of spirits, water, lemon, sugar, and spices that became synonymous with good cheer and festive celebrations all over Europe. Here, pomegranate and lemon sharpen the sunny New World flavor of cranberries.

The Original Eggnog

Rating: 3.51 stars 51
When she published this recipe in her first book, Entertaining, Martha wrote that this eggnog was "so rich it needs no accompaniment." This original recipe is made with plenty of bourbon, cognac, dark rum, heavy cream, and a dozen eggs—good thing it serves a crowd.

Candy Cane Cocktail

Rating: 3.47 stars 567
This delicious cocktail, perfect for the holiday season, is courtesy of Charles Corpion from The Four Seasons.

Warm Cider and Rum Punch

Rating: 3.8 stars 389
For a fun and festive holiday gathering, make this crowd-pleasing spiked punch.

Martha's Classic Eggnog

Rating: 3.8 stars 215
A giant hotel-silver punch bowl holds Martha's signature eggnog, rich with cream and laced with rum, bourbon, and Cognac.


Rating: 3.6 stars 486
A delectable drink, Eggnog is a holiday favorite.

Hot Cocoa with Almond Milk

Rating: 3.6 stars 284
This dairy-free take on a classic compromises nothing in taste and can be made with any soy, rice, or nut milk.

Hot Apple Cider with Ginger

Lemon zest and fresh ginger in addition to the usual warming spices amp up this wintertime classic.

Negroni Sbagliato

This fizzy, four-ingredient pitcher drink is based on the famed Italian aperitif but calls for prosecco instead of gin; so while it still whets the appetite, it won't go right to your head. It's the perfect lighter beverage to have with appetizers and before a big feast.

Inspiration and Ideas

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Mulled White Wine

Rating: 3.81 stars

This warming drink has the flavorful depth of the classic red version but is lighter in body. Choose a white that's not too acidic, such as a Viognier or an oaked Chardonnay (wines that are more astringent can develop a harsh edge when heated).