Christmas Appetizer Recipes

We have great Christmas appetizer ideas, including dips, spread and finger food recipes. Try our crab salad canapes, spiced pecans, and bacon-wrapped dates. Or, try one of our finger food ideas, like smoked trout with garlic cream on rye toasts, wasabi deviled eggs, goat cheese crostini with fig compote, artichoke turnovers (a tasty takeoff on artichoke dip), or fried mozzarella and sausage-cheddar balls.

Staff Picks

Slow-Cooker Bacon Jam

Rating: 3.47 stars
Spread this savory bacon jam on bread for a holiday appetizer and send your guests home with a jar.

Baked Brie with Pecans

Rating: 3.13 stars
Toasted pecans and maple syrup complement the creamy Brie in this hors d'oeuvre. For the best texture, let the cheese cool before topping it with the syrup mixture.This recipe is by Everyday Food reader Kathy Quinn of Montclair, New Jersey.

Hot Spinach Dip

Rating: 3.17 stars
This rich, creamy dish makes the perfect party dip. Otherwise, you might devour it all yourself.

Broiled Oysters

Rating: 3.45 stars
Oysters take very little time to cook. Our pan-broiled hors d'oeuvre, which consists of oysters tossed with herbs and showered with olive oil and Parmesan, spends just minutes in the oven; serve with crusty bread for soaking up the sauce.

Sausage-Cheddar Balls

Rating: 3.34 stars
This reinterpretation of meatballs combines breakfast sausage, cheddar cheese, and onion for a very flavorful holiday appetizer, enough for a crowd of hungry folks.

Potato Galette with Smoked Salmon

Rating: 3.61 stars
Smoked salmon adds just the right amount of saltiness to layers of golden spuds. Thinly sliced potatoes in concentric circles make a pretty galette. This one has a cool, fluffy spread that pairs perfectly with smoked salmon.

Gooey Gouda Puff-Pastry Bites

These cheesy and easy four-ingredient appetizers will remind you of brie baked 'en croûte'—which is the French term for anything baked in pastry. Here, the delicious handheld parcels are made from storebought puff pastry and filled with nutty Gouda cheese. Topped off with a dollop of lingonberry jam for sweetness, they'll be the first to go on the buffet table!

Potato-Chip-and-Pimiento Mini Crab Cakes

In this easy one-bite appetiser, high-brow meets low; tiny balls of jumbo lump crabmeat that are coated in crushed potato chips and baked until golden brown and crispy. Right before serving, these naturally gluten-free morsels are kissed with an Old Bay-spiced mayo and garnished with flecks of pimento.

Spiced Nuts

Rating: 3.1 stars
A perfect spicy snack for the holidays.

Classic Shrimp Cocktail

Rating: 2.96 stars
One of Martha's favorite entertaining strategies is to serve a pared-down—but still special feeling—menu. Her classic shrimp cocktail is a perfect example: it's an easy but elegant starter that shines because it calls for the very best ingredients—including a quick homemade cocktail sauce. When preparing this spread, use high-quality, sustainably sourced shrimp, and plan on about three to six shrimp per guest.

Figs and Prosciutto

Rating: 3.53 stars
Sweet and delicious, figs make the perfect pairing for a thin slice of Prosciutto di Parma -- which, by the way, is nitrate-free and low in saturated fat. Get more healthy holiday recipes

Bacon Jam

Rating: 3.5 stars
A savory, chunky jam you can spread on a baguette.

Inspiration and Ideas

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Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

Rating: 3.45 stars

Chickpeas, once roasted, take on the flavor and texture of nuts, making them a fun snack with drinks. Prepare the simple appetizer in under 15 minutes for any holiday cocktail party.