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Plan your Christmas menu using our best Christmas ideas and recipes, including appetizer, side dish, and dessert ideas. For other Christmas menu ideas, try one of our ham or roasted prime rib recipes, or egg frittatas, bread pudding, and fruit salads for Christmas breakfast. We even have bite-sized and tasty finger foods, dips, cocktails, and appetizers.

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Easy Holiday Menus
Forget long hours in the kitchen with complicated recipes. Make this Christmas dinner a no-fuss, unforgettable evening with these easy, elegant menus.
Standing Rib Roast with Roasted Potatoes
Rating: Unrated 134
Serve roast beef with all the trimmings for an easy meal rich in flavor. The centerpiece standing rib roast is presented with roasted potatoes that are ridged with a fork so they can soak up ample pan juices. The potatoes can be boiled, tossed with oil, and refrigerated until needed.
John Legend's Macaroni and Cheese
Rating: Unrated 1738
It's one of the most popular, probably the most popular comfort food. It's cozy and cheesy and filling. And if you're in the camp that believes baked mac and cheese beats stovetop macaroni and cheese then this is the recipe for you. Musician John Legend shared his macaroni and cheese with Martha Stewart and his secret ingredient for a creamy delicious casserole is evaporated milk, plus a combination of extra-sharp cheddar and Monterey Jack.
Perfect Roast Turkey 101
Rating: Unrated 669
In her recipe for perfect roasted turkey, Martha roasts a 20-pound turkey stuffed with her Classic Stuffing. Before it goes into the oven, she covers the turkey with four layers of cheesecloth soaked in her butter and white wine basting mixture. The cheesecloth will keep the bird moist and prevent it from getting too dark too quickly. It's removed about an hour before the end of roasting to allow time for the bird to brown.
Roasted Red Potatoes
Rating: Unrated 755
A simple but satisfying side dish you'll make again and again, this roasted red potato recipe takes 5 minutes to prep and about 30 minutes of hands off time to roast. All you need are baby red potatoes, olive oil, and fresh rosemary, or another hardy herb such as thyme. Martha's secret for deliciously crispy roasted potatoes is to preheat the baking sheet while she preps the potatoes. 
Easy Creamed Spinach
Rating: Unrated 488
Our take on the classic creamed spinach side dish uses fresh spinach and cream cheese as a thickener. It's a crowd pleasing recipe that's popular with both young and old.

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