Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Sure, we have classic Thanksgiving recipes, but how about a Southern-style Thanksgiving menu? With cheesy mac 'n cheese, bourbon gravy, and cornbread dishes?! Looking for a lighter Thanksgiving dinner? Go with some of our easy, healthy, vegetarian, or gluten-free recipe menu ideas.

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Follow Our Step-by-Step Guide to Make Perfect Stuffing Every Single Time
It's the most important Thanksgiving side. Follow our formula to learn how to make stuffing. You'll find that the possibilities are as endless (dry or moist, bread or cornbread, egg or stock) as they are easy. 
15 Bite-Sized Thanksgiving Appetizers That Your Guests Will Adore
Let friends and family gather around the appetizers while dinner is being prepared. Choose from finger foods such as stuffed mushrooms, deviled eggs, and shrimp cocktail—our recipes are so delicious they won't notice if the turkey's running late (get our complete turkey tutorial here)!
Our Thanksgiving Roll and Biscuit Recipes Will Seriously Upgrade Your Holiday Bread Basket
Whether you prefer buttery rolls or flaky biscuits, a bountiful bread basket is a Thanksgiving dinner essential. Here are our best recipes to have your guests saying, "Pass the bread basket!" all night long.
40 Sensational Thanksgiving Pies and Tarts
At Thanksgiving time, dessert is just as important as a perfectly cooked turkey. Bake these American classics, old and new, for the holiday table.
Serve These Festive Non-Alcoholic Drinks at Your Next Holiday Party
Go beyond hot chocolates and eggnog this holiday season—make kids and those not imbibing feel special with these luxe mocktails.
Beyond Turkey: Our Very Best Thanksgiving Main Dishes
Turkey may be the traditional center of the Thanksgiving table (download our turkey guide to perfect the tradition), but there are times when an alternative main dish is desired. These Thanksgiving entrée ideas are just as festive and satisfying as a whole roasted turkey. Most can be easily doubled or even tripled depending on the crowd around your table. For a well-made Thanksgiving dinner for any number of guests, we offer a selection of festive main course recipes including roast beef, pork tenderloin, Cornish hens, salmon, duck, and roast chicken.

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A Classic Thanksgiving Dinner Menu—and a Detailed Hourly Schedule That Will Help You Pull It Off
This Thanksgiving will be your easiest yet thanks to our complete menu that includes turkey and all the trimmings.
Seven Delicious Alternatives to Turkey to Serve on Thanksgiving
If you're looking to break with tradition and prepare something different but still spectacular this year, try one of these tasty entrées instead.
An Unforgettable Farm-to-Table Thanksgiving Menu from Stone Barns

When the farmers at Stone Barns in New York gathered for a potluck Thanksgiving dinner, they celebrated the livestock and the produce they had nurtured with an incredible locavore menu.