However you like to celebrate, we have Halloween inspirations and indoor and outdoor DIY decorating ideas to make your haunted house or monster party a smash hit. Find all kinds of creative Halloween costumes for kids, babies, and adults. See all our pumpkin carving ideas and spook-tacular recipes.

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Our Best Halloween Crafts to Decorate (and Spookify) the Inside of Your Home
Using crafty essentials like hot glue and shears, you can create essentials like cobwebs and other visual effects for tabletops, bookcases, and lighting fixtures.
Martha's Best Halloween Costumes Through the Years
We pay homage to Martha's many costumes over the years—from fantastical to the terrifying—but all of them extravagant.
Halloween Cake Recipes That Are Terrifyingly Delicious
Who needs candy when there are these bewitching cakes to slice into? Our selection of tricky treats includes chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, and spice cakes all decked out in supremely scary decorations.
12 Flowers That Would Make Eerily Beautiful Additions to Your Halloween Décor
Arrange something wicked, dark, and spectacular—perfect for the days leading up to October 31. From carnivorous cobra lilies to "Black Beauty" roses, any one of these floral varieties make a fitting accompaniment to the bubbling cauldrons, skeletal hands, and other traditional elements of home décor steeped in macabre.
17 Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family
Dress yourself and your family in a group costume that will be the life (or the spook) of the Halloween party. When trying to come up with ideas for your collective Halloween ensemble, it is best to start with a theme; then, you'll be able to focus each member's costume around that pre-selected idea. As for how to choose your theme? Hold a group meeting to discuss your options—especially if you have children who are older—and ask everyone what they would like to do.  Once you decide, you can easily and quickly put together a family costume using several of our ideas. The best part? They can be modified to fit your family's size. So, feel free to expand on the options you find here to find the perfect costume for your group. Then, enjoy making your Halloween debut in style.
Spooky Recipes for Halloween Brownies, Blondies, and Bars
No tricks, only treats here! These Halloween brownie recipes are scary good.

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