Cocktail Recipes

Become an at-home mixologist by stirring up some of our best cocktail recipes. There are many classic cocktail recipes that everybody should know how to make: a martini, a margarita, an old-fashioned, but we also have many unique cocktails that are worth a try.

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Spiced Rum Punch

This festive punch will get your party started and keep it rolling all night.

Mulled Cranberry Cocktail

This cocktail can be served as a dessert, or you can drink it instead of tea on a freezing winter afternoon.

Chai-Spiced Cider Spritzers

Maple syrup adds sweetness to these cool, spiced apple spritzers.

Mulled Lillet Wine

The aromatic aperitif wine Lillet Blanc is simmered with two kinds of citrus (orange and lemon) and a bevy of spices (black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom) for this festive, warming drink.

Mulled Wine

Traditionally enjoyed in Europe during the Christmas season, this wine is served warm and makes any holiday gathering more festive.

Spiced Pomegranate Punch

A spicy blend of pomegranate and orange juices and apple cider is served warm.

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