Pancake Recipes

Find our easy classic pancake recipe (it's our basic mix), but also try yogurt, whole wheat, buttermilk, or oatmeal pancakes. We'll also have fun add-in ideas and healthy options, which include wheat germ and no butter.

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Easy Basic Pancakes

Rating: 3.5 stars 4791
Nothing says "weekend" like homemade pancakes for breakfast. Our easy recipe will help you whip them up in less than 30 minutes. Making pancake batter from scratch is so simple that you'll wonder why you never did it before!

Best Buttermilk Pancakes

Rating: 3.5 stars 1499
The key to light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes from scratch? Don't overmix the batter—it should have small to medium lumps.

Old-Fashioned Pancakes

Rating: 4 stars 121
This is the most basic recipe for a slightly thick pancake. It's just as easy to make a quick homemade batter as it is to open a box mix, which needs ingredients added to it anyway. And using organic ingredients seems to give the pancakes a cleaner and truer flavor.From the book "Mad Hungry," by Lucinda Scala Quinn (Artisan Books).

Classic Dutch Baby

Rating: 3.5 stars 346
The next time your crew craves pancakes, serve something new and exciting: a Dutch baby. This baked pancake requires whirring a few basic ingredients in a blender, pouring the batter into a piping-hot skillet, and baking for 20 minutes (no need to flip). After it poofs up into a show-worthy display, serve with fresh fruit, whipped cream, and warm maple syrup.

Oven-Baked Blueberry Pancake

Rating: 3.5 stars 251
This pancake is also delicious without the berries, which can be served alongside instead.This recipe is one of our Better Basics: 10 New Takes on Family Favorites, see the others.

Bacon Pancakes

Rating: 4 stars 163
These bacon pancakes satisfy both the sweet and savory senses. Surprise your family with this breakfast dish one weekend morning.

Best Quick Pancakes

So easy, you might decide pancakes are just convenient enough to eat for dinner. For a change of taste, you can add fruit, like berries or bananas, and still make light and fluffy pancakes.

Silver Dollar Pancakes

Rating: 4 stars 59
These mini pancakes are so much more than a delicious breakfast. Use these silver dollar pancakes as the base for a variety of sweet or savory appetizers or desserts.

Cheddar-and-Scallion Savory Pancakes

Keep the cooked pancakes warm on a wire rack set over a rimmed baking sheet in a 200-degree oven while making the rest.

Banana Pancakes

Rating: 4 stars 72
These delicious pancakes will be a morning treat for your little ones.

Test Kitchen's Favorite Buttermilk Pancakes

Lemon juice adds a subtle tang to our light-as-air flapjacks that are perfect for Mother's Day or just an ordinary Saturday morning.

All-Purpose Breakfast Batter

While it's true that you can't always please everyone all the time, this versatile breakfast recipe can get you pretty darn close. Whip up this one-bowl batter, then use the variations listed below to tweak them into tender muffins, fluffy pancakes, or cakey doughnuts. 

Inspiration and Ideas

30 Days of Perfect Pancake Recipes for Breakfast or Brunch
Get out the syrup! Whether you call them flapjacks, hotcakes, or pancakes, we've got a month's worth of spectacular stacks that are just the thing for brunch.
Yeast-Raised Pancakes
Rating: 4 stars 64

Flapjacks turn fancy with this yeast batter, which gives them a brioche-like texture.