Chocolate Cupcake Recipes

Moist chocolate cupcakes with an equally decadent frosting will be the first to go on any dessert table. They're easy to eat, fun to make from scratch (let the kids help!), and totally delicious.

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Chocolate Cupcakes

Rating: 3.5 stars
This recipe is the gold standard when it comes to classic cupcakes. We frosted these with Easy White Icing, but you could use our Chocolate Glaze for an even richer dessert.

Milk-Chocolate Pudding Cupcakes

The cupcakes here, inspired by the squiggly-topped childhood favorite, are plumped up with a chocolaty pudding filling, topped with a ganache glaze, and crowned with elegant chocolate curls. Martha made this recipe on Martha Bakes episode 603.

Chocolate-Stout Cupcakes

These Chocolate-Stout Cupcakes can be frosted and stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator up to a day ahead. Perfect for St. Patrick's Day, decorate them with the hearts just before serving.

Molten Chocolate-Espresso Cakes

Rating: 3.54 stars
These little cakes are our new go-to dessert, for so many reasons. They're fast and easy (though they don't look it), and they're great for company or just whenever you need a chocolate fix (pretty much every afternoon). Serve them plain, or topped with a bit of ganache and a sprinkling of pistachios or (our favorite) flaky sea salt.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Rating: 3.55 stars
With its distinct look, the popular red velvet cupcake is a top contender for favorite flavor. These red velvet cupcakes are easy to whip up for your next get-together. Top them off with a cream cheese frosting that's just as tasty as the red velvet cupcake itself.

Owl Cupcakes

If the cream filling of the sandwich cookies is discolored by cookie crumbs when twisted open, gently scrape with a paring knife to remove loose crumbs before using.

Football Cupcakes

These chocolate-and-mint cupcakes are a festive -- and sweetly delicious -- way to kick off football season.

Chocolate-Filled Cupcakes

Rating: 3.59 stars
Chocolate melted in each of these sweetsis like built-in frosting.

Devil's Food Cupcakes

Rating: 3.67 stars
We mixed sour cream into the batter to add moistness and a subtle tang. Silky smooth ganache makes a rich topping; other options include seven-minute frosting and cream-cheese frosting. The chocolate curls are easily made with a few strokes of a vegetable peeler.

One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes

This recipe for a classic chocolate cupcake is one to keep in the arsenal. It's the base for our Handwritten Valentine Cupcakes with Chocolate Glaze.

Inspiration and Ideas

11 Perfect Chocolate Chip Cake and Cupcake Recipes
Chocolate chips are a childhood favorite, and is it any wonder why? They make everything better: Decadent cakes, bite-size cupcakes, and soft, chewy cookies.

Chocolate Graham Cracker Cupcakes with Toasted Marshmallow

Rating: 3.8 stars

This delicious recipe is courtesy of Jennifer Shea, owner of Trophy Cupcakes.