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Our recipes dense chocolate bar cookie include: our classic brownie recipe, gluten-free brownies, a one-pot brownie recipe, a slow cooker brownie recipe, and even blondies (blonde brownies).

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20 of Our All-Time Best Brownie and Blondie Recipes

These favorite bar cookies are as irresistible as they are easy to make. From chewy to cakey to gluten free, you can't go wrong with any of our favorite brownie and blondie recipes.
By Frances Kim

Fudgy Skillet Brownies

Rating: 3.47 stars
Enjoy a homemade treat in less than an hour with a recipe that uses the same skillet to melt the chocolate and bake the brownies. Then scoop them right from the pan.

Peanut-Butter Swirl Brownies

Rating: 3.55 stars
Dollops of peanut butter filling are spooned onto brownie batter; pulling a knife back and forth through both results in a marbleized look.

Fudge Brownies

Rating: 3.84 stars
The right ingredients make this decadent classic healthier, but every bit as delicious: Pureed sweet potatoes add moisture, sweetness, and a fudgy consistency; whole-wheat flour is a perfect choice for dense, bold-flavored brownies; natural, unsweetened cocoa powder packs far more antioxidant power than other forms of chocolate.

Coconut-Chocolate Swirl Brownies

Sweetened condensed milk adds an unmistakable richness to the coconut batter for these swirly treats. When marbleizing the coconut and brownie batters, make sure the butter knife reaches the bottom of the pan.

Chewy Brownies

What's gooey on the inside, crackly on top, and supremely delicious all over?Our fresh take on this crowd-pleasing dessert. Unsweetened chocolate and brown sugar impart a rich, well-rounded flavor, while adding a bit of oil to the batter results in the addictively chewy texture that makes this version an instant classic.

Chocolate-Chip Streusel Brownies

When you can't decide between a cookie or a brownie, make a combo! Here, cookie dough is dotted over brownie batter and baked until the edges are cakey and the interior is fudgy.

Triple-Chocolate Brownie Cups

These jumbo-sized treats are a brownie lover’s dream with bittersweet chocolate and milk- and white-chocolate chips. Plus they're convenient; ready to serve, no portioning required—easily portable too. This recipe appears in our cookbook "Martha Stewart's Cookie Perfection" (Clarkson Potter). 

Slow-Cooker Triple Chocolate Brownies

Rating: 3.51 stars
Think beyond stews: Uncover the sweet side of your slow cooker with these crowd-pleasing brownies.

Thomas's Fudgy Brownies

Do you like your brownies rich, dense, and fudgy, or light, cake, and a little bit chewy? Discover the secrets of the perfect brownie.

Big-Batch Triple-Chocolate Brownie Bars

Whether you're taking them to an event or like to stock homemade sweets for your crew, these sheet-pan bar cookies, which keep for up to a month in the freezer, are the ticket. They include bittersweet and white chocolates and cocoa powder, plus goodies like nuts and dried fruit. To serve, simply let them come to room temperature.

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Brown-Butter Toffee Blondies

Rating: 3.93 stars

Serve these sweet treats for dessert at your next game night. We used card-suit cookie cutters to shape the blondies into hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades.