This resident of sunny Venice, California finds his personal serenity within the comfort of his home, which he has appropriately named the "Zen Bungalow." However, there's more to his apartment decor than its unique title and calming ambiance -- the space is a perfect reflection of his passion for travel and connection with people on a global scale.
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Courtesy of Laurel & Wolf, Photo by Dustin Walker

Prior to beginning his project with Laurel & Wolf, Jake had already named his Venice Beach pad the "Zen Bungalow" for its small size, bungalow-like design, and calming ambiance. Whenever he walks through the door, he feels at peace; so Jake wanted the new design to reflect his appreciation for relaxation and his incredible passion for travel and global connection.

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Courtesy of Laurel & Wolf, Photo by Dustin Walker

Before launching his design project, Jake could not begin to fathom what it would be like to work with an interior designer entirely online, let alone the ease. After first hearing about Laurel & Wolf, he liked the concept but wasn't sure it was for him.

"At first, I thought that I'd want to meet the designer in person, but I quickly realized that was totally unnecessary. I was able to connect to this incredible designer, who had the exact eye and style I was looking for, without the limitation of geography."

The rest is history.

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Courtesy of Laurel & Wolf, Photo by Dustin Walker

Not letting geographical boundaries get in the way is somewhat of a theme for Jake, and although he was unsure in the beginning, working with a designer remotely fell right along with his love for connecting with the world.

"Traveling makes me really happy. Every year I go on an epic adventure with my best friend and I wanted that to be shown in my space." When Laurel & Wolf Designer Yekii Killion uploaded her style board to Jake's project, he was instantly drawn to the way she presented his passion for worldly adventures -- he knew that she was the designer he wanted to work with.

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Courtesy of Laurel & Wolf, Photo by Dustin Walker

As an early employee of TOMS,' Jake has exercised his love for travel and global connection by participating in Giving Trips to South Africa, Uruguay, Argentina, and Honduras. A reclaimed wood floating shelf holds a series of travel books from different locations he has recently visited, such as Japan and Panama. Also on the shelf are handmade elements Yekii incorporated to further the eclectic and personalized vibe of Jake's space.

Because the Zen Bungalow is rather small, Yekii felt it was important to maintain a clean and functional aesthetic. She balanced the design by pairing essential furniture items with pieces that would communicate the masculine, bohemian style of Jake's apartment. Making good use of the small floorplan, Yekii created a space that feels both streamlined and lived-in.

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Courtesy of Laurel & Wolf, Photo by Dustin Walker

"The collaboration mostly involved scaling back to the essential pieces, then placement of art and accessories, given the space constraints and layout," says Yekii on the design process. To tie the design together, she paired vibrant textiles with industrial items to give the space a purposeful and constructed feel.

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Courtesy of Laurel & Wolf, Photo by Dustin Walker

After just a week of working closely with his designer over the Laurel & Wolf platform, Jake's design was complete and ready to be installed. "It almost felt like magic -- you're taking really great talent and you're connecting them with people that need a service. And it's so simple that within a week we designed the space, I ordered everything, and it was ready to go."

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Courtesy of Laurel & Wolf, Photo by Dustin Walker

The streamlined design, relaxing colors, and eclectic array of decor make the Zen Bungalow a perfect embodiment of its name.

"When I come home to the Zen Bungalow, whether it's after a few weeks of traveling on an epic adventure, or after a long day, I feel so at home. This place is so peaceful to me."

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Courtesy of Laurel & Wolf, Photo by Dustin Walker

"Technology is a beautiful thing in that it connects people that might not meet each other in person," Jake remarks. Interacting with new people and exploring different cultures is a large part of Jake's life as an avid adventurer. The eclectic design of his space would not have been possible without the client-designer connection he made through the unique technology of Laurel & Wolf.


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