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A Modern Tablescape Idea with Vintage Touches

When it comes to decorating the home, or even just a tabletop, it's hard to go all-modern or all-vintage. For our Filigree Suppers, we love combining different styles to make both our minimalist and "maximalist" sides happy. Check out the tablescape we designed below to learn how to achieve this style on your own!

interior_modern_design_0316.jpg (skyword:238536)
Mr. Clark's Penthouse, Photo by Carolina Mariana Rodriguez

Our most recent Filigree Supper (the "Friends and Lovers" supper) took place at Mr. Clark's penthouse, a decidedly modern space by Bangtel. It's full of black and white details, slick lighting elements, mid century art, and playful objects. Because the space itself is a renovation of an older Chicago building, it was only natural that we continue the remix and take the balance of vintage and modern to the tablescape.

tablesetting_vintage_glassware_0316.jpg (skyword:238521)
Handmade Linens and Paper Goods! Photo by Carolina Mariana Rodriguez

This event was especially exciting because we were able to bring a wide variety of styles to the table, all with varying degrees of modernity. The table was set with gorgeous handmade linens by Dot and Army. The neutral tablecloths were a wonderful base for the rest of china and flatware, and provided a great canvas for the black napkins to really pop. Each of the napkins were edged with a different material! Lydia Crespo of Argaman and Defiance made custom table runners to bring together the drama of the napkins, and gold of the flatware. Because our dinner took place on Valentine's Day, we used the splatter pattern on envelopes, which also served as place cards.

stationary_menu_handmade_0316.jpg (skyword:238523)
Envelopes for Place Cards and Menus, Photo by Carolina Mariana Rodriguez

Each handmade envelope by Argaman and Defiance contained a menu for the beautiful meal to come!

vintage_modern_oysters_0316.jpg (skyword:238525)
Pattern Mixing, Photo by Carolina Mariana Rodriguez

We loved the idea of bringing in different patterns of vintage china and crystal. We rounded up a beautiful mix from the collection of Vintage Place Settings. Mixing vintage china is really fun, especially if it's from a collection acquired over time. If you are just starting out, try to pick a theme, whether it's a color or a motif. Flowers and stripes might sound a little chaotic, but if everything is navy blue, the common color will hold the mismatched pattern together beautifully. Here, we decided to use china with black and gold as primary colors, and a ditsy floral motif.

brass_gold_details_0316.jpg (skyword:238527)
Brass Cranes add Whimsy, Photo by Carolina Mariana Rodriguez

Adding an unexpected element to the table is always appreciated by guests. For this supper, we added brass cranes from the collection of Re:find Joy.

wine_vintage_tablesetting_0316.jpg (skyword:238528)
Custom Wine Labels, Photo by Carolina Mariana Rodriguez

We like to get as custom as possible, so when we had the opportunity to make our own labels for our wine with City Winery Chicago, we jumped at the chance! Not only can a custom label personalize your tablescape, it can also serve as a great graphic detail for the decor.

vintage_pasta_gold_0316.jpg (skyword:238529)
Handmade Pasta, Photo by Carolina Mariana Rodriguez

Charles Welch and Jonathan Zaragoza dreamed up and prepared this exceptional meal, with every course paying tribute to a different silver screen romance. This spaghetti a la chitarra with lobster and tarragon (inspired by Lady and the Tramp) was a playful addition to the meal, and looked great against the plate!

blini_caviar_silver_0316.jpg (skyword:238530)
Blinis! Photo by Carolina Mariana Rodriguez

Blinis with creme fraiche and caviar (a throwback to Breakfast at Tiffany's) were served from a classic silver tray from vintage place settings.

tequila_vintage_coupe_0316.jpg (skyword:238532)
Tequila Milk Punch, Photo by Carolina Mariana Rodriguez

A bright tequila milk punch in a vintage coupe pops against a backdrop of modern objects and neutral colors.

interiors_modern_table_0316.jpg (skyword:238539)
Vintage Fireplace with a Modern Take on Firewood, Photo by Carolina Mariana Rodriguez

Whether you are just starting your vintage collection, or renting one for a fabulous party, we hope this was some great inspiration to get you started!