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How to Make a Bouquet...Out of Vegetables

Sometimes the best spring decorations are the simplest. The natural vibrant colors in a fresh arrangement made from vegetables can create an incredibly lively spring centerpiece for your home.

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A bouquet of roses has quite a different kind of beauty than a bouquet of succulents; an arrangement of ferns is quite different than an arrangement of Christmas pine. What makes each arrangement unique, among other things, are the natural colors they possess. Their true beauty shines through when the flowers are lined up, orderly and tight or loose and gently twisted among one another. Elegantly placed in water, or hanging from a door -- wherever we put them -- they can transform your space.


I work with food daily. A lot of it! Most days I am making cheesy snack foods, baked chocolate gooeyness, and breakfast casseroles. Many days that is what we end up eating. I do my best to eat salads for lunch and veggie-heavy dinners, but I rarely stop to admire the greens, instead they serve a health focused purpose. And because of that, I sometimes forget the beauty that vegetables hold. Not only in taste, but in appearance. The other day I was floored by the produce section in a local market and almost confused it for the flower department. So, when I saw these vegetables, just $1.50 for a bunch, I decided to make a bountiful bouquet.


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Over the weekend, I was planning to roast beets and make beet chips. Have you ever made beet chips? They are so simple and delicious. But when I saw the rainbow of swiss chard in the produce aisle, I got inspired. I decided to make a "flower" arrangement with my vegetables, knowing that we could enjoy it in the evening with our guests and the following day I would chop it all up and eat it! Here's how to make a bouquet out of vegetables!

Calla-lillies-top-down-0316.jpg (skyword:234800)

I included a few calla lilies and greenery, but overall the beauty in the arrangement came from the vegetables. I found inspiration in other arrangements that shared similar palettes and brushed up on my arranging skills.

Beet-Arrangement-0316.jpg (skyword:234825)

My vegetable bouquets were a big hit! I received many compliments on this unique (and inexpensive!) arrangement. The best part is the options are endless, and you can adjust what you include based on the seasons. I am sure you would get extra brownie points for including the vegetables that were arranged in the dinner you serve your guests! Whether a dinner party for friends, an activity with kids, or your Easter table, this vegetable arrangement will bring bright light into your home.



  • Make sure to wash your vegetables! Any dirt can muddy up the water very quickly.
  • Keep the vegetables cold, but don't let them freeze in too cold of a fridge.
  • Try kale and bok choy, or stick to one vegetable in the vase (like the beets above).