Bottoms up! A set of these cups -- dotted with liquid gilding -- add a sparkling personal touch to any cocktail party. 

How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Apply hole reinforcement labels to outside of glass, concentrating them more at the bottom.

Step 2

Paint a thick layer of etching cream within each hole with a detail brush. Following etching cream instructions, set aside, then rinse off cream and remove stickers.

Step 3

Dry glass. Use a separate detailing brush to apply dots of metallic paint, again, concentrating the paint towards the bottom. Do not apply metallic paint closer than 1 ¾ inches from top edge of glassware. (Tip: You can also use the tip of the brush handle to apply dots of gilding.)

Step 4

Work one small section at a time and let it dry before turning the glass to a new section.


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