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Clapboard Menu

Lights, camera, and... snacks! This director's clapboard doubles as a chalkboard menu, making it the perfect prop for any cinema-themed party.

Photography: Mike Krautter

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. Starting with a 11"x13" piece of black foamboard, cut of the top 1-1/2" off the long edge. This will be the clapboard arm.

  2. Paint the arm and remaining board with 2 coats of Chalkboard Paint. Let completely dry. (Tip: Painting the backside as well will help prevent warping).
  3. Starting from the right, stencil tape off a diagonal design (approx. 55 degree angle) on the arm and top 1-1/2" of the board, leaving approximately 1-3/4" spacing between the tape.
  4. Paint the design with Craft Paint in Wedding Cake. Let dry, then carefully remove the tape.

  5. Adhere Adhesive Stencils to the board underneath the design edge. Apply Erasable Liquid Chalk to the stencils, then remove stencils.

  6. Trim the left corners of where the arm and board meet. Glue a small piece of foam board to the back of the base and arm so that the arm is skewed diagonally. (Tip: Use a brass fastener to allow for the arm to move).

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