New This Month


Tissue Paper Boa

Who's ready for the red carpet? ThisĀ fringed accessory is fun for any awards show viewing party or New Year's Eve bash.

Photography: Mike Krautter

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. Cut 5" strips of red tissue paper (approx. 24 inches long) using a ruler and Craft Knife. Follow Fringe Cutter instructions to create fringe (Ā½ inches wide and 2 inches long) along both edges of the strips.
  2. Draw a bead of glue down the center of one layer of fringed tissue with the Ballpoint Glue Pen. Do not glue all the way to the end, leave a 1" space before the end. Place a second layer on top. Continue to glue and layer with 3 more pieces, leaving the 1" unglued end.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with another set of tissue paper. This adds length to your boa.
  4. Connect the two sets of fringed tissue by gluing the ends (that were left unglued), and by alternating the layers from each set.

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