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3 Special Ways to Celebrate Singles Awareness Day

Valentine's Day is all about love, but so is Singles Awareness Day. Time to treat yourself right.

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Valentine's Day is all about showing love for your partner, friends, and family. But we serve others best when we have shown ourselves love, too. Personally, when I am stressed or bothered by something (even issues as simple as lingering deadlines or lack of sleep), I can't be fully present -- and I'm certainly not giving my best to my friends and family. That's why Singles Awareness Day is so special! Instead of worrying about anybody else, you get to focus on yourself. Here are my three tips to treat yourself with love and compassion:

  1. Take time for yourself. Reflect on where you're at. How have you been? How have you felt about life the last few months? Spend time reviewing what you've accomplished this year; and if there's something hanging over you, create a plan to fix it in order to relieve yourself of the emotional burden. Alternatively, or perhaps additionally, go out of your way to do something that makes you feel supported. Take a relaxing bath, cook your favorite meal, or get crafty. Whatever it is, make a conscious effort to attend to your specific needs so that you can feel like your most authentic self.
  1. Don't compare yourself to others. Single? In a relationship with someone who isn't romantic? It's all okay because there are no rules to follow on this love-filled holiday. If you start to feel down about yourself because of someone else, take a moment and remember that you bring something completely unique to the table, and 99% of the pressure we feel is manufactured by our own insecurities. If your situation makes you truly unhappy, then by all means, change it! But if you have a simple case of green eyes, remind yourself why you and your love are awesome and forget the rest.
  1. Do what makes you feel full of love. When you feel love, it's easier to give love. Reflect on the activities that elicit this wonderful emotion and do them... it's that simple! Maybe you find a deep joy in generosity, or perhaps you revel in helping others: if so, volunteering at an animal shelter or soup kitchen might be the perfect activity. But you don't need to go out of your way, or even leave your house, to bring about feelings of love. Performing kind and thoughtful acts can make us feel just as wonderful as dramatic overtures. Whatever the activity might be, focus on cultivating a sense of care and compassion, and that outward love will find its way to your own heart.

My personal self-love routine is centered around relaxation and wellness. For example, I'll be taking a luxurious bath, treating myself to some lavender aromatherapy, and visiting my local animal shelter to shower some sweet animals with love and affection.

Now that I've shared my favorite tips, share yours! How will you take care of yourself this Singles Awareness Day? Leave your suggestions in the comments.