Kitchen backsplashes can add a ton of visual appeal and give you room to experiment with colors, materials, or patterns -- but how do you nail down the look you want? Read on for three easy ideas to make kitchen backsplash tile work in your own space.
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I don't know about you, but my kitchen is one of the most used rooms in my house. From preparing lunches to hosting dinner parties, I'm constantly in this space and need it to strike a balance between fashion and function. However, when it came to nailing down the look I wanted, the kitchen was a challenging space to design. I spent hours picking out cabinetry and appliances, but something was still missing.

That's where tile backsplashes come in. This accent feature instantly added the hint of color and texture that my kitchen needed.

Here's how to make this design aesthetic work for your home.


It's incredible how many types of backsplash tile there are. When chooosing one for your kitchen, focus on materials that complement your overall interior design.

I love the look of this glass backsplash within this urban, industrial home. It has a raw, unfinished quality that works perfectly with chalkboard accents and industrial Edison bulbs. A trendy backsplash of subway tiles can also work well in an urban setting while a matte white chevron-patterned tile can look great in a farmhouse.

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Here is another view of the urban, industrial kitchen.

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I absolutely adore white kitchens, but I have to say that a really dark, moody, and dramatic backsplash can add much needed depth to a space. It can be a little scary to take this step, but as long as you keep the pattern simple -- and the counters neutral -- these dramatic accents can help inspire all your culinary endeavors!

I love how modern and fresh this kitchen feels with its black and white color palette, dramatic tile backsplash, and glass pendant lights.

Pro tip: If you're going bold and dramatic with your tile, keep lighting fixtures minimalist and airy so they don't compete for attention in the space. We love the Daring Drop Mini Pendant, Cup of Light Pendant, and What Lies Above Pendant to achieve this look.

One of the reasons this dark and moody backsplash works so well is the fact that the palette consists of only a couple of related colors. The variance is added through the combination of materials, allowing you to add just a hint of texture to the room -- without overwhelming it. Mixing shiny and matte tiles creates a subtle change in pattern that will give you a refined, yet unique look.

This tile backsplash is reminiscent of ethereal mermaid scales -- and I can't get enough of it!

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To accessorize your mixed-material tile backplash, simply add a classic metallic dessert stand and invite friends over to enjoy homebaked sweet treats.

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I personally love the arabesque style tile in this kitchen. Marble is a tried-and-true material in the kitchen, but this backsplash gives it new life. With just the slightest variation between the slick white tiles and marbled gray ones, the black cabinetry and white counters suddenly feel fresh.

I adore how this kitchen maintains an overall refined aesthetic by decorating with simple white vases.

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The design of the kitchen itself stays simple while the arabesque pattern is unexpected and makes a traditional material feel revived.

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Pro tip: Bring a bit of glamour to the space with metallics that will enhance the natural shine of the tiles. I am especially fond of gold on black cabinetry as it adds a hint of drama to an otherwise simple space. This bowl looks incredible on a white countertop against a marble tile backsplash like the one featured above.

When it comes to your kitchen, you want to create a space that supports your culinary endeavors and also feels comfortable for gathering family and friends. Whether you're taking a neutral approach or creating something a bit more dramatic, a tile backsplash is sure to bring new life into your home.


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