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Egg Carton Crafts: Happy Little Music Shakers

I always liked egg carton crafts. There's something about that pressed and shaped lightweight gray cardboard I find very appealing. And I like to recycle and reuse whenever I can, so don't throw away that cardboard egg carton just yet. This cute egg-carton craft makes something unique from that egg carton that your little ones can play with, make music with, or just display as a knickknack.
shakers-materials-1216.JPG (skyword:212728)


  • 1 cardboard egg carton
  • Acrylic or gouache paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Dried beans, couscous, or rice
  • Paper tape
  • Tissue paper (optional)
  • Glue or gel gloss
shakers-cutting-1216.JPG (skyword:212732)
Cutting the egg carton.

How to Make the Egg Carton Craft Shakers

1. Cut up the bottom half of the egg carton into indivudual cups. Trim off the edges of each of the cups. Try to make the cups as even as possible around the top edge. They will be joined together later so the seam needs to fit together nicely.

shakers-halves-1216.JPG (skyword:212734)
Two halves of the shaker.

Note: These are the trimmed cups. You will need two cups for each of the shakers you want to make. You can make up to six shakers from one egg carton.

shakers-beans-1216.JPG (skyword:212741)
Fill with dried couscous.

2. In one of the cups, put a handful of dried beans, rice, or couscous, as I have used here. This will make the pleasant sound when the shakers are moved.

shakers-tape-1216.JPG (skyword:212744)
Tape the two halves together.

3. Put two of the cups together and tape together with paper tape, to make a hollow shaker with the beans inside. It's important to use paper tape, so that it can be painted.

shakers-tissue-1216.JPG (skyword:212745)
Glue tissue paper around the seam.

4. This step is optional. To make the seam more secure, I like to add a layer of tissue paper with either glue or gloss gel. Stick pieces of the tissue paper over the seam or join of the cups, all the way around, using the glue or gel as adhesive and to paint on top of the tissue, paper mache style. This will smooth out the taped seam and will make the seam more secure so that it doesn't open up and spill the beans!

shakers-paint-1216.JPG (skyword:212754)
Painting the shaker

5. Paint each shaker with a different bright color. I have used red, blue, cyan, yellow, and green. Make your litte shakers look happy by painting eyes and a smiling mouth. If you like, you can brush a layer of gloss all over the shaker to make it shiny (only if you have used acrylic paint).

shakers-primary-1216.JPG (skyword:212809)
Multi-color shakers

The shakers are the perfect size for little hands. And they are made of recycled material.


So don't make waste, make music, with these happy little egg carton crafts!


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