A classic shingle-style home situated on the perfect lot, gets a major face-lift with the help of an award-winning architectural firm known for historical renovations. First order of business: Don't make it look like it had any work done. See how square footage can be added to a home without making it obvious.
Scarsdale-remodel-before-1215.jpg (skyword:209231)
Front entrance of the home before the remodel.

This traditional shingle-style home, situated on a beautiful lot in Scarsdale, New York, had great traditional features. The shuttered windows, bay window design, and mature landscape made for a classic home in the suburbs. But like in most older homes, the homeowners wanted more square footage, an updated look, and a greater sense of prominence and refinement. Not wanting the home to become the next "McMansion" in the neighborhood, they hired the internationally acclaimed architectural firm Zivkovic Connolly Architects PC to draw up new plans. Based in New York, this firm creates award-winning residential commercial and institutional projects like the Juilliard School and West Point Military Academy. Its diverse project list, both in the United States and abroad, shows off a refined body of work, which honors traditional style as well as modern sensibilites.

Scarsdale-remodel-after-1215.jpg (skyword:209233)
Front entrance of the home after the remodel.

In the images above, you can see the drastic transformation from tired exterior to exquisite facade, with a much stronger sense of architecture and added curb appeal. Without a side-by-side photo comparison, you might wonder where the extra square footage was added. The exterior of the home gives the illusion of a single-story home, but instead of adding on a noticeable second story, the additional space effortlessly blends in to the newly appointed design of the facade. According to Zivkovic Connolly, "most of the additional area was accommodated within newly created attic spaces and dormer roof forms rather than in a true second floor."

Founded in 1988, Zivkovic Connolly has always prided itself on respecting the existing architecture of a space as well as the site itself, and uses technology to create new spaces while honoring the past. As you can see in the before-and-after images, their work on this home ensured that the spirit of the original house was left intact. In fact, the home was actually enhanced with thoughtful additions in all the right places.

Scarsdale-remodel-foyer-1215.jpg (skyword:209236)
The main foyer.

One of the biggest changes to this home was the creation of a light-filled main foyer. Serving as the epicenter of the home, this entryway feels even larger with a bank of windows, including a semicircular clerestory window. A covered front porch was added outside this entryway, which is balanced in proportion by a taller roof line. Large entryways like this one need the right types of furnishings to ensure the proper scale. Notice the extra-large chandelier and framed artwork, which help fill the space.

Home Renovation Tips
Scarsdale-remodel-kitchen-1215.jpg (skyword:209237)
Breakfast nook.

The interior of this home maintains a traditional decorating style, as seen in this light-filled breakfast nook. Notice the detail of the built-in cabinetry next to the glass front door. The architectural firm prides itself on paying respect to the existing space. "Whether in building or in detail, the expression of style is selectively employed to create architecture which enhances the predominant character of street, neighborhood, and landscape." Be sure to check out the rest of this home, including the interior design of the kitchen, living spaces, and master suite.

All photos courtesy of Zivkovic Connolly Architects.


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