It's all about that sink.
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Photo courtesy of Jen Montague Clark, Owner/Broker of the Home Co. Realtors

As the associate editor at Dot & Bo, I've seen thousands of different kitchens, but I have to say, my favorites are always white kitchen ideas (especially white farmhouse kitchen ideas). So when I heard that Jen Montague Clark, owner and broker of The Home Co. Realtors, had done a Napa-style farmhouse kitchen remodel in crisp white, I knew I had to learn more!

With the help of her lead design associate Shayne Kirk, Jen was able to create a modern, open-concept kitchen with a defined dining area and excellent indoor/outdoor flow.

Take a look at the stunning renovation below.

This is what the kitchen looked like before.

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Photo courtesy of Marcell Puzsar, brightroomSF Interior Photography

And this is what it looks like now!

Jen and Shayne chose to add brand-new hardwood floors to the kitchen, but needed to make sure they would flow with the 100-year-old original oak floors in the rest of the home. They were careful when they selected a color stain, factoring in how it would work on both the new and old wood, as well as what tone would help warm up the all-white cabinetry.

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Photo courtesy of Marcell Puzsar, brightroomSF Interior Photography

Then, to add a bit of color into the room, Jen and Shayne chose to do a tile backsplash. For this particular kitchen, Jen used Asian Statuary tile for its white undertones, adding texture and depth while still maintaining that classic look. We absolutely love how the herringbone-patterned marble brings visual interest to the space without overwhelming it.

If a full tile backsplash is too big of a commitment for your particular space, Jen recommends bringing a bit of color in through kitchen towels, flowers, accessories, and fun hardware like knobs and pulls. These are easy to change if you grow tired of them, but instantly add a bright touch to your space.

Brass cabinet accents also work to warm things up and add an aged element to a room that feels a bit too new.

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Photo courtesy of Marcell Puzsar, brightroomSF Interior Photography

This sink is one of Jen's apron-front farmhouse favorites-and it is actually two-sided. When it's installed one way, its edges are cleaner and more modern. Alternately, when the sink is installed the other way (as it is in this kitchen), it has a more traditional look with pronounced curved edges-perfect for the farmhouse aesthetic.

The eye-catching backsplash tile paired with the minimalist, deep sink is a match made in heaven. If you can only make one purchase to help incorporate the farmhouse vibe into your own kitchen, invest in a farmhouse sink!

Farmhouse-Kitchen-Before-2.JPG (skyword:209704)
Photo courtesy of Jen Montague Clark, owner/broker of the Home Co. Realtors

This is what was on the wall behind the stove before. Because they wanted an open-concept feel, Jen and Shayne unfortunately had to demolish and remove the home's original wood-burning fireplace.

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Photo courtesy of Marcell Puzsar, brightroomSF Interior Photography

To add character back into the space and further enhance its farmhouse feel, they used reclaimed lumber for a partial wall, creating a textured look that still feels very open.

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Photo courtesy of Marcell Puzsar, brightroomSF Interior Photography

How gorgeous -- and serene -- is the adjacent dining room? We love how the designers were able to bring in crisp, white kitchen ideas, while keeping the space inviting through the use of earthy woods.

To achieve this look, use metal bistro chairs with a rustic wooden table, and add a caged wire light fixture that looks as though it's straight from a farm. Finally, a row of succulents on top of the table adds greenery and further helps to bring the outdoors in.

When choosing to remodel your kitchen in white, be sure to keep a few of Jen's tips in mind. Add color through backsplashes or changeable accents, add warmth through brass or reclaimed wood, and pay attention to how the space flows from one room to the next.

Interested in checking out more of Jen Montague Clark's incredible home makeovers? Head over to The Home Co. Realtors and take a look at photographer Marcell Puzsar's stunning interior architecture imagery at brightroomSF Interior Photography.


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