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Not only can a coat of new paint take any room from dated to modern in a flash, but it can also help set the tone for every space in your home. As a place where friends and family gather to enjoy a tasty meal, choosing the right paint color for your dining room paint color is essential in setting the right tone for this space. But with an entire color wheel of possibilities, deciding on one color can feel overwhelming. Luckily, we have paint inspiration for every design style. Whether you're redecorating or are starting to design this room from scratch, the paint color you choose is key in creating an inviting dining space that fits with your entertaining style. From calming shades ideal for quiet family dinners to bright and energizing hues perfect for parties, these gorgeous dining room paint colors will get you excited for a revamped space.

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Gorgeous in Grays

Shades of gray and blue go together seamlessly, especially when paired with white window treatments and similarly colored blinds. Continue with the gray color scheme by placing chairs in a lighter hue around your dinner table and you'll be pleasantly surprised with the calming room you've created.

white dining room with vintage oak table and black accents
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Stay Neutral

Neutral does not mean boring—just because you opt for a subdued hue doesn't mean you can't curate an elevated area. In fact, neutral tones pair well with bright patterns and colors. Your colorful china will pop proudly atop your dinner table when laid before a khaki wall. If you love art, hang a few of your favorite pieces no matter what their color scheme may be. That's the beauty of a neutral wall: It goes with anything.

houston dining room with wicker chairs and peach walls
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Bright and Sunny

A muted color can still have a warm and light effect on a space. This dining room features blush tone walls that look sunny and airy with rattan chairs and colorful decorative elements atop a glass table.

gold and wood dining table in dark blue room
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Dark and Dreamy

Dark colors might seem overwhelming, especially when used on large walls, but when incorporated correctly they shine. Mix lighter, softer elements like blush velvet chairs and gold light fixtures, with opaquer colors to create a seamless aesthetic.

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Sunset Shades

Warm hues work wonders in dining rooms but avoid going overboard with vibrant tones by pairing them with monochromatic accessories. These burnt orange shade walls pop against a simple unfinished wood table and chairs.

Wooden table and chairs in modern living room with large window front in stylish apartment
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Testing Teal

Blue-green walls work well in a dining room with lots of natural light. If you want to add a splash of color without going all in, try painting one wall teal for a modern feel. Add potted plants for a splash of nature to bring out the subtle hints of green. Incorporating light wood accents, a patterned rug, and a few small pieces of artwork pull this room together.

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