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Instant Master Bedroom Refresh: 8 Brilliant, Budget-Friendly Ideas

It takes just a few easy, inexpensive touches to make a master bedroom feel fresh and new again.

Ever dream of a cozy, peaceful master bedroom but not sure how to get there without breaking the bank? You're not alone. So many of the bedrooms I see tend to be dumping grounds for paperwork, water glasses, and old dorm-room furniture. I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be difficult or expensive: You can utterly transform your bedroom using just a few simple ideas!

bedroom-before-final.jpg (skyword:200561)
The bedroom needed some zhushing.


Let's take this room as an example. There's nothing horribly wrong with this room, but it lacked cohesion (not to mention proper nightstands).

master-bedroom-after.jpg (skyword:200562)
A peaceful, pretty space to relax in at the end of the day.


My goal here was to think of ideas that have maximum impact and minimum cost. Here are my four easy tips that you can easily replicate yourself at home.


1. Paint the walls a warm, neutral gray.

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- paint is the number-one way to transform a room. It's the ultimate in "maximum impact and minimum cost!"


For your bedroom, look no further than a serene, soft gray. There are a million beautiful colors out there that look marvelous in a bedroom (lavender, blue, blush pink), but if you don't want to get stuck in the downward spiral of indecision, there is nothing better than a warm, neutral gray wall. Specifically, look for grays that are almost beige and that are warm and soft. The color will envelop you, and your room will feel polished and serene.

master-bedroom-after-2.jpg (skyword:200570)
You can't go wrong with a soft gray wall.

2. Keep the bedding neutral and inexpensive.

Just like paint colors, there are an infinite number of possiblities for bedding. To make your life easier, I suggest opting for a neutral duvet or comforter in colors like ivory, white, oatmeal, or flax seed. Keep fussiness to a minimum by keeping the bedding clean and light. Just this one element will make your whole room feel more pulled together!


3. Showcase your throw pillows.

Just like fashionistas mix high and low elements in their wardrobes to great effect, I love doing the same in decorating. My favorite splurge in a master bedroom is higher-quality "interesting" throw pillows that really pack a punch. In this case we opted for Schumacher's Chiang Mai fabric that we purchased from a vendor on Etsy. The colors and patterns are bright and the fabric is high-quality.


If you want to keep your bedroom colors neutral, I suggest mixing textures to keep the eye interested. For example, pair a sheepskin pillow with a patterned gray and ivory pillow, and throw one last pillow in there with a bit of beading or metallic thread.

master-bedroom-after-close-up.jpg (skyword:200569)
Designer pillows really pack a punch.

4. Invest in some nightstands.

Seems pretty straight-forward, right? But if I had a dime for every time I saw a bedroom with mismatched nightstands (or no nightstands at all -- gasp!).

before-nightstand.jpeg (skyword:200573)
A chair can work as a nightstand but you run the risk of your room looking in disarray.

You'll see here the owners were using a chair as a makeshift nightstand, which actually did the job quite nicely! However, it makes the room look in disarray and like the furniture is an after-thought. My tip is this: Invest in two matching nightstands and your whole room will look more pulled together and organized.


In this case, we went one step further and used dressers as nightstands. Love this idea because just think how much extra storage space there is!

nighstand-after.jpg (skyword:200577)
Matching nightstands (or in this case, dressers) can take your room to another level

So there you have it, four easy tips for getting your master bedroom in beautiful shape. Isn't it nice to know you can make a huge difference without making it hard on yourself or spending a lot of money?