Seven Unexpected Bathroom Window Treatments to Consider for Your Home

Add some extra style to your bathroom windows with these ideas.

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Bathroom window treatments are more than just jewelry for window frames—they lend privacy to the most personal room in the house. The ideal window treatment has the ability to both beautify your bathroom and provide functional coverage for your space. Read on to discover different types of shades, coverings, films, and curtains that play up your bathroom's overarching style while also supplying ample privacy for your powder room.


If your bathtub or shower sits directly next to the window, as seen above, a pair of flowing curtains probably won't suit your space. However, just because traditional bathroom window treatments won't work doesn't mean you have to forfeit style altogether. Frosted windows are impossible to see through but still allow for plenty of natural light to flow into your space. For a more aesthetically pleasing look, consider frosting only the lower half of your window.

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Shutter Style

Many half bathrooms or powder rooms have only a small or oddly shaped window. Classic shutters are a simple and attractive addition to any bathroom, and you only need to block half the window to create privacy.

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Pops of Color

Whether your bathroom is made up of mostly neutral colors or your walls are adorned in a bold wallpaper, a window treatment with a cheerful pop of pattern adds visual interest and texture to any space. Horizontal stripes are always chic and easy to mix in with a variety of designs. We suggest opting for a sunny yellow or vibrant cerulean blue—both shades are eye-catching but blend well with neutrals and bright colors.

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Classic Coverage

A classic Roman shade in a thick and durable material is a standard of style and utility. For the bathroom, choose a water-resistant fabric that stands up to moisture. A shade like this will last a long time and will guarantee full privacy, but can still be raised to allow light into the room.

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Double Up

For bathrooms on the ground floor, privacy can be an issue. A succession of wood blinds is an unrivaled decision for a number of reasons; they operate simply, are easy to clean, allow for natural light to sneak in between the cracks and hold up to moisture in a wet room. Although they are a basic choice, they can easily be dressed up by a pair of floaty, sheer curtains hung on either side of the window.


Playful Patterns

Create a romantic look in your bathroom with floor-grazing, floaty curtains in a pretty print. This style is simple, but feels chic and luxurious and also gives the illusion that the window extends to the floor. A pair of delicate, white curtains work well in a variety of bathrooms. If you don't have windows in your bathroom, you can recreate this look by using two long window treatments as a shower curtain.

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Etched Glass

Instead of searching for the perfect bathroom window treatment to bring your bathroom to life, try designing the window itself. Textured, frosted glass with a circular design etched in is an appealing look for a bathroom and provides privacy without sacrificing natural light and style.

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