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Glass Slipper Princess Cupcakes for Little Cinderellas

Looking for an adorable idea for your child's next princess-themed birthday party? These will definitely be the belle of the ball.
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Every child (and adult) loves a good princess-themed party! But very few will expect these Cinderella-inspired glass slipper princess cupcakes.


I grew up watching every Disney movie as many times as I was allowed in one sitting. There was a serious The Little Mermaid phase that my mom still hasn't recovered from. Think about it, being a Disney princess is pretty great. In Cinderella's case, she had a fairy god mother at her disposal who not only got her to and from the ball in a pumpkin, but also decked her out from head-to-toe, which is a dream come true. When I was younger, Cinderella's glass slippers were something I always wanted, so when asked to bake for a special young lady's princess-themed birthday party, I couldn't help myself!





1. Make the vanilla cupcakes, let them cool and prepare your frosting.

2. Dye your vanilla frosting whatever shade of blue or any other color you would like, and then frost your cupcakes. Be sure to save enough of the colored frosting to decorate the "sole" of your cupcake slipper.

3. Dip the frosted cupcake in the sugar sprinkles, and completely cover the top with them to make your cupcakes sparkle. Be sure to save extra sugar sprinkles for the sole of your cupcake here as well.

4. Take one sheet of graham crackers out of the box and break it in half. With a knife, cut the graham cracker as shown in the photo. This will be the sole of your glass slipper cupcake. Do not worry about the pointy edges, the frosting and candy melts will round them out.

5. Melt down the white candy melts in a pipette bag, and cover the graham cracker sole in white candy melt. Smooth out if necessary, and let dry. I like to do this step on wax paper, and then put them in the fridge to pick up the pace.

6. Once the candy melt is dry, take your leftover colored icing and put it in a pipette bag. Then, pipette around the edge of the graham cracker to create the sides of the glass slipper.

7. Dip each sole around the edges in the sugar sprinkles to match the base of the shoe.

8. Cut the tip of a Pirouette cookie on a slant so it can hold up the graham cracker sole. Add some melted candy melt for "glue" and attach your Pirouette to the bottom of the graham cracker until it hardens and dries.

9. Once the heel and the sole are attached, use a knife to make a small cut in the side of your cupcake, just wide enough to allow the edge of the graham cracker sole to fit in. Add a little extra candy melt to secure the opening, and then insert the other side of the graham cracker sole to complete your glass slipper cupcake.

10. Once each cupcake is done, let it sit either at room temperature or in a refrigerator so that you're sure all of the candy melt has hardened. Additionally, always keep these cupcakes in a cool place, as they are very delicate, and hold their form best when kept cold.


Last but never least, try them on for size, and serve them to your guests! Any princess will love these beautiful cupcakes!


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