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5 Skin-Care Tips to Keep You Glowing All Winter Long

Want snow-kissed skin? Maintain your dewy glow this winter with these simple tips!
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What's your ideal skin-care routine? The answer probably isn't managing dry, irritated skin because winter has sucked the life straight out of you, right? I didn't think so. We have some time before lightweight jackets are replaced by insulated coats, so let's take a proactive approach to caring for your skin before winter really comes.


These are my top tips for preventing dry, irritated winter skin and managing extreme temps like a pro.


  1. Hydrate: Low humidity paired with artificial heating is the perfect recipe for parched skin. Protecting your skin should start with adequate water intake, so keep your bottle with you and stay hydrated during the day, even if you aren't sweating. In addition, you can use a hydrating mist or toner on skin before applying a moisturizer. If you're feeling extra dry, this step can go a long way to soothing irritation and helping your moisturizer do its work. A standout hydrator is the Hydrating Accelerator by Josh Rosebrook, which helps move hydration and your moisturizer deeper into your skin. More of a skin-care DIYer? Check out this recipe for a simple

    banana avocado mask


  2. Moisturize: Your skin's protective layer can be damaged during winter, which prevents it from maintaining a normal amount of oil and protecting itself from water loss. Pair hydration with a good-quality natural moisturizer for both your face and body. For face, look for a serum, which offers the most concentrated source of protective oils. Don't worry, serums won't make your skin oily! One of my favorites for the season is Josh Rosebrook's Deep Hydrating Serum. When paired with a hydrator like the Hydrating Accelerator, you've got a wrinkle-fighting, skin-plumping, winter-protective duo to keep your skin glowing throughout the season. For body, look for a balm or body oil that is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, like Aster + Bay's Glow Body Serum. With a high concentration of camellia seed oil, this organic body serum absorbs deeply and helps restore skin's moisture balance.
  3. Be Gentle: Are you combating acne and oily skin with harsh soaps? Are you using scented shower gel to wash your face? If so, now's the time to nix cleansing products with alcohol, fragrance, preservatives, and dyes. For many, these kinds of products can exacerbate underlying skin problems, especially in winter. Instead, try a soap-free cleanser, a gentle soap-based cleanser, or an oil cleanser. By protecting your skin from harsh detergents, it will maintain its balance and be better able to protect itself from water-sucking conditions. Making the switch early on means less irritation and less reparative work on your end.
  4. Treat: You can't moisturize dead skin. If you're looking flaky or lackluster, on a weekly basis use a gentle buffing exfoliant or antioxidant mask to gently reveal soft, glowing skin. Root Science's Face Scrub uses herbs, flowers, and clay to remove dead skin without irritation, and Josh Rosebrook's Cacao Antioxidant Mask calls on organic cacao and vinegar to improve texture and appearance without drying. Make sure to follow up with a hydrator and moisturizer! Also, be sure to keep a treatment balm for hands and lips with you at all times. Travel-size products are ideal for stashing in a purse, briefcase, or desk, and can be a simple skin-saving solution.
  5. Nourish: Oh, winter, how you toy with us. With sweaters and blankets keeping us cozy, cookies and cocoa add to our winter warmth, but they also contribute to dull skin, breakouts, and more generally, a sluggish demeanor punctuated by thoughts of regret. No one wants that, so indulge responsibly and try noshing on natural and whole-food snacks that are packed with vitamins, minerals,and healthy fats. Staying hydrated and nourished will help your skin from the inside out.