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How to Create a Cool Kids' Reading Nook

If you have an empty wall, you can turn it into a reading nook. Here's how we transformed our little corner.
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Let's start with what this space looked like before. This is the corner we wanted to turn into a reading nook.

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It was a pretty plain and simple space that didn't really serve any real purpose and had absolutely zero personality. Parker was always dragging her toys over there to play, which made me a little nervous around that bookcase, so I decided to get rid of it all together and turn the space into a cozy little reading nook for her.

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There is this universal phenomenon that happens when you have a child that no one warns you about during your nine months of pregnancy. Your phone, no matter how large, is destined to run out of storage. Mine is currently filled to the brim with photos of Parker in her pajamas, Parker at the park, Parker and Aaron at Disneyland, and the list goes on and on. If she makes a new face, wears a new outfit, or visits a new place, you'd better believe it's getting documented and likely not just once. There are entire photo sequences of basically the exact same photo with a slight variation, but don't make me choose between her cheese and Zoolander face. So when we decided to create a reading nook in our home, we knew this would be the perfect area to hang a few of our favorite photos! However, I'm getting ahead of myself.


When we decided to build the space around a gallery wall, I was so excited to finally have an excuse to hang some of our favorite photos. We chose three photos and two animal art prints, each with a lot of significance. The family photo in Palm Springs is from our annual trip that we take with some of our closest friends and so is the photo of her and Aaron in the pool. They both feel so fun and totally fit with the slightly retro vibe we were going for. The photo of Parker and me is from wine night at Barnsdall Art Park -- one of our favorite things to do in the summer here in L.A. Parker is totally obsessed with animals, but namely with a rogue neighborhood cat that she named Paul, so we thought she might have a penchant for the baby bobcat in this photo. Turns out she does! Giraffes are her favorite to visit at the zoo so that rounded out the selection. We also chose two white 24-inch photo ledges and made sure they were at the perfect toddler height. They are great for displaying her favorite books ... and more photos!

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A lot of the furniture pieces in Parker's nursery are from The Land of Nod, so it was the first place I went searching when I needed a chair for her reading nook. I can't stop obsessing over this chair! Have you ever seen a cuter piece of mini furniture in your whole life? Parker and her friend Scout were big fans. We also threw in some extra pillows we had around the house to make the nook feel even cozier.


Our new nook is now one of our favorite little spaces in our home. We were able to completely transform a boring corner into an adorable reading nook our whole family can enjoy!


Photography by Jess Koehler, all framing by Framebridge