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Home Decorating Ideas with Bling: Turning the Gold and Brass Trend into Timeless Decor

It's important to understand trends when designing or decorating but when you're making large investments, following fads is not the smartest idea. You don't want to invest $20,000 on new furnishings and have things looking dated within a few years. There are exceptions though. Gold and brass are so in-style at the moment, but they can be incorporated into your home decorating ideas in a seamless and classy way. Here's how.

A huge design trend that is only growing is the reinvigorated love affair with all things gold and brass. As a girl who has worn gold jewelry her whole life, I was thrilled to see this happen. I love the warmth and depth gold hues provide -- chrome just doesn't have the same affect on me. However sadly, trends can be a fickle friend. One minute you're inseparable, and then it's on to the next one. As an interior designer, I constantly find myself (and my work) faced with trends -- what's "in" and what's "out." My issue with these passing inclinations is that when working with clients I am often dealing with long-term investments. Be it a new home my clients plan to live in for the next 25 years or a decorative furnishings project, items still add up quickly. Because of this, my focus is always to incorporate trends in a timeless way (or stay ahead of them!). For me this means finding unique home decorating ideas that use them in a way where they remain interesting and of value long after the trend has passed.


I love this one scene from The Devil Wears Prada (and not just because Meryl Streep is hilarious in this role!). While the characters may be talking about fashion, it can definitely be applied to interiors. When you start to see something pop up at every major fashion retailer, it's a good indication that the trend has run a large part of its course. Fortunately for me, and anyone else looking to buy furnishings and decor, trends in interiors have a much longer shelf life than seasonal fashion trends. I'd put money on gold and brass sticking around for the next decade.


With all this in mind, if you're a fan of all the gold and brass decor you may have seen in stores recently -- how do you bring it into your home?

photo8.jpg (skyword:187005)
Gold sconces mixed with a silver faucet in a powder room designed by Gillian Segal design. Photo by Tracey Ayton Photography.

1.  Remember -- it's okay to mix and match metals! One of my favorite interior designers, Kelly Wearster, is constantly mixing. Silver and gold don't need to clash! When paired thoughtfully, this creates a layered, luxe look (it also hedges your bets if you're nervous about a lifelong commitment to one color).

Kelly-gold.jpg (skyword:186982)
Huntley Cabinet by Kelly Wearstler

2.  Don't ever buy anything simply because it's in vogue. Purchase pieces that you respond to on a deeper level. Is it the function? Comfort? The shape or style? Or the feeling it evokes?

3.  Embrace quirk! Look for objects that have a story or a unique and fun detail. When sourcing projects, I love looking at resources like 1stdibs where you can always find vintage goods that fit this description. These pieces add character and personality to a space and that never goes out of style!


If this is something you think you may like to experiment with, here are some of my personal favorite gold and brass pieces for you to consider in your own projects. Some are more "investment" pieces, and others are great accessories (like gold or brass hardware, pulls, or accent pieces) you can include in your space without having that lifetime commitment. Happy home decorating!

gold-round-up-MS.jpg (skyword:186951)

1. The Captain Chair, Bend Goods. 2. Form Tea Set, Tom Dixon. 3. Ken Fulk Glass Chandeiler, Pottery Barn. 4. Engraved Hip Flask, Burke Decor. 5. Blink Screen, Yabu Pushelberg. 6. 3 Piece Roundabout Candle Set, CB2. 7. Leona Cube Table, Pottery Barn. 8. Marble Topped Pedestal Table, West Elm. 9. Agnes Chandelier - 6 lights, Roll & Hill.