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Want to Speed Up Your Daily Routine? Start By Properly Organizing Your Vanity Table

Is your vanity table is a big old mess? Now is the time to find a proper place for all your precious lipsticks and hair products — once and for all.

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Photo by Nick O'Neill

Beauty products have a tendency to stack up and easily become a mix of miscellaneous things you hardly use or can't find when you want to use them. Apply these tips and tricks to create a vanity that's stylish, organized, and adds fuel to your daily beauty routine.


Provide a pretty surface for your beauty products.

The first step to an organized vanity table is... well, having a vanity. If you don't have space or don't want to spend the money on a new piece of furniture, your bathroom counter top or a dresser will do the trick.


Give each type of product its own home.

Organizing anything means categorize, categorize, categorize. Makeup brushes should live with other makeup brushes, lotions, potions and creams have their own drawer or designated spot, etc. etc... you get the point. When you categorize, you know where everything is so you won't be frantically searching for your favorite lipstick before a night out.


Display brushes neatly and elegantly.

Emulate your favorite chic beauty product retailer and fill a clear votive holder or plant pot with coffee beans or small stones, then stick your brushes in it. This way, they will stand upright and won't get dirty.


Drawer dividers make all the difference.

Instead of just tossing a miscellany of beauty products into your vanity drawer and calling it a day, get a drawer insert and divide and conquer. Put lipsticks in one section, blush, powders and bronzer in another, concealers and foundation in their own space and so on. Your vanity will be clear of all smaller products leaving you space to beautify yourself!


Use a space saving side table.

If you have a standing bathroom sink with no counter space and no room elsewhere for a vanity, don't worry, not all hope is lost. Chances are you can squeeze a small shelf or table to the side of the sink. This will give you surface space to hold your products and then all you need are a few organizers to sort them out. If you're really lacking in space, a shelving unit that sits above and behind the toilet is the way to go.


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Photo by Nick O'Neill

Mirror, mirror on the wall... or on the vanity!

A vanity isn't a vanity without at least one mirror. If your vanity doesn't have an attached mirror and you don't want to mount anything, simply set a large mirror on top of the vanity and position it against the wall. Add a round closeup mirror for eyebrow plucking and makeup detailing.


Hang it all up.

If you are a real beauty fanatic and have so much product there's not enough space to keep it all on your vanity, use a hanging organizer. Hang it on the back of your bathroom or closet door and finally reclaim that long-lost counter space.


See your products clearly with glass jars.

Arrange a collection of different sized glass or acrylic containers along your vanity or shelf. You can use these for holding Q-tips, cotton balls, makeup applicators and anything else you might want easy access to. Plus, the clear material looks stylish, organized, and neat.


Adorn your vanity in jewels.

It's common to keep beauty supplies and jewelry in the same spot, so as long as it's organized, don't be afraid to make your jewelry collection part of your vanity display. With so many unique jewelry stands and display boxes available, you are sure to find something that will make your collection look showroom ready.

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Photo by Nick O'Neill

Personal touches are key.

The perfect vanity isn't only a place for makeup and beauty products. Add your own personal touches like small books (maybe having to do with beauty), which make a great mount for pretty perfumes. Keep a diffuser, candle, and/or fresh flowers on your vanity for a charming touch and add a few photos or a small piece of art to transform your vanity into your own special beauty counter.