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What's gooey on the inside, crackly on top, and supremely delicious all over? Our fresh take on this crowd-pleasing dessert. Unsweetened chocolate and brown sugar impart a rich, well-rounded flavor, while adding a bit of oil to the batter results in the addictively chewy texture that makes this version an instant classic.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, November 2016
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Cook's Notes

Briskly whisking the eggs into the batter creates a shiny, crackled top crust.

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  • fmtyhs
    22 FEB, 2018
    really unexpected! I thought it looked amazing but when I took one bite it tasted like pure lite brown sugar. It could very well be my own mistake, but its going to take a while for me to try this recipe again.
  • laura.templin1
    5 AUG, 2017
    OK people.... I made these and they are SO GOOD. Dense. Chewy. Yum. I added coconut oil with the butter and chocolate, and used dark brown sugar rather than light. Highly recommend this recipe. So easy too!
    • MS10469182
      26 JAN, 2018
      These turned out perfect. OMG.
  • MS11188397
    9 DEC, 2016
    Chewy, like it says. Very rich, delicious. Used bleached flour instead of unbleached, 'cuz it's what I had. Same amounts.
    • prae6669
      21 DEC, 2017
      Do you know how long could these brownies be stored up to in the refrigerator?
  • MS12531173
    17 AUG, 2017
    Can you add nuts to this recipe?
  • tammiegoodhotm
    12 APR, 2017
    Hello I'm surprised you recommend whipping the eggs for so long. Overwhipping usually produces more air (to make a lighter/fluffier brownie), rather than a dense, fudgy brownie. You stated that the reason you do this is to get the cracked top, however this can be accomplished by using coconut oil while melting the chocolate.
  • ambrusbiligmai
    10 APR, 2017
    Can I use rice flour instead of normal?:)
  • osteen2158130
    26 MAR, 2017
    I have to admit I messed up and used dark chocolate, not unsweetened. (I should have known with the 2 cups of sugar). I used a mix of 56% and 74% dark chocolate and was so afraid they would be too sweet, but they are really tasty! I tried the cocoa brownies last week and they were really good, moist and "chocolatey" but these are the clear winners. Can't wait to make them correctly with unsweetened chocolate! Thank you for a great, simple, delicious recipe.
  • juliconaaolco
    25 MAR, 2017
    I'm surprised by the lack of vanilla. I've never made brownies without high-quality pure vanilla -- the vanilla actually heightens and brings out the chocolate flavor. I haven't tried these yet, but I plan to put in at least a teas[filtered] of good organic vanilla, and I'm planning to make them gluten/grain free by subs[filtered]uting cassava flour, which works like a charm.
  • jonakjohnson
    15 FEB, 2017
    Seems like a lot of sugar, could I use 1/2c. each of regular and packed brown sugar for this recipe instead of 1 whole cup of each?
    • juliconaaolco
      25 MAR, 2017
      barbrybacki is right -- you need that much sugar to balance the bitter chocolate. Plus if you skimp on the sugar, they will be less chewy and sort of bland and cakey.
    • barbrybacki
      27 FEB, 2017
      Maybe... but 7 oz. unsweetened chocolate might require 2 C sugar to offset the bitterness ?
  • sharonawaldrop
    18 MAR, 2017
    These brownies are quick and easy to make and the taste is beyond amazing!

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