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Martha's Buttermilk-Blueberry Tart with Walnut Crust

Recipe photo courtesy of Yossy Arefi

Tangy buttermilk is the perfect partner for sweet-tart blueberries in this simple make-ahead tart. Martha made this recipe on episode 701 of Martha Bakes.




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  • ALR9376573DW
    4 JUL, 2018
    Sure wish I had read the previous reviews before proceeding.... Didn't even catch the lack of a flour measurement in ingredient list. Figured something might be up when the crust mix result was not enough to fill the bottom of the pan and go up the sides. So, I doubled it--again without the flour. Attempted to add to existing crust layer and proceed up pan sides. Zero "lip" to hold in the filling when it was done baking. Filling was so fluid it would've run off the crust immediately upon pouring. Therefore, I left the filling in the fridge a few hours to congeal. Attempting to spread filling prettily and evenly on the "perfect nut crust" was also unsuccessful (but humorous). Added fabulous homegrown blueberries and gooseberries before serving to loving and forgiving family. Berries were the best/most edible part. I just assumed a recipe affiliated with Martha Stewart would be superb--thoroughly tested and proofread, right? Oh well. Live and learn.
  • kenward34725
    11 OCT, 2016
    So after guessing about the amount of flour (I guessed 1 cup - seemed okay) I made the filling and was very disappointed. As noted in an earlier comment, there is no "spreading" of the filling - definitely you pour. And it never did set up so that you could have an actual slice as per the picture. I was very disappointed in this recipe and threw out the printed copy I'd used in the kitchen. Don't made this. A waste of time and money. I may make the crust again, but would not do this filling.
    • ygigliotti
      29 OCT, 2017
      I can hardly believe how a key ingredient could be omitted and no correction made by the author. Does any one read the recipes before publishing?
  • MS10783302
    7 OCT, 2016
    Just to mention of flour in the ingredients for walnut crust, yet flour is mentioned in the instructions. Also, good to say POUR filling into crust instead of spread. I really struggled with this. Wondered if I should have heated the cream more. As it turned out I guessed on the flour added 1 cup and after an hour in the fridge the filling did firm up. Really good recipe, but you should correct the omission.
    • kenward34725
      11 OCT, 2016
      When you sliced your pie, did it stay a "slice", or did it just sort of run all over the plate? I note you think it was a good recipe - I just wondered because maybe I did something wrong. I also guessed 1 cup for the flour amount in the nut crust. But I wondered if you put more gelatin in, to make it so it was sliceable. Thanks!
  • cruisinnrbgmai
    9 OCT, 2016
    I was making the nut crust and was annoyed that flour is not listed as an ingredient but is noted in the instructions. I also guessed one cup of flour. I would have chosen another recipe had I realized there was an error in it prior to buying the ingredient.

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