Citruspeel from oranges or bergamot is cut into strips,then rolled and threadedonto a cord before cooking; blanched almonds adda bit of crunch.

Martha Stewart Living, July 2003


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Makes about 4 cups


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  • Using a sharp paring knife, cut each orange into quarters; remove flesh from peels, and reserve for another use. Halve each peel lengthwise; place in a large saucepan. Cover with cold water; bring to a boil over high heat. Drain peels in a sieve. Place peels back in saucepan, repeating cooking process.

  • Thread a needle with a 3-foot piece of thin kitchen twine or sewing thread; tie a large knot at the end. Roll a piece of peel lengthwise into a tight spiral. Push the needle through the spiral to string. Repeat with all the strips of peel. Tie a knot after the last peel.

  • In a large saucepan, combine 4 cups water with sugar and honey; bring to a boil. Add the string of peels. Reduce heat to a simmer, then cover peels with a lid slightly smaller than saucepan to keep them submerged. Cook 45 minutes. Transfer peels to a plate, and set aside.

  • Simmer remaining liquid until reduced to 1 3/4 cups, about 18 minutes. Stir in orange-blossom water, salt, and almonds. Cut string to release orange peel curls; place in a heatproof glass jar. Pour mixture over the peels. Let cool completely, uncovered, at room temperature, about 45 minutes. Cover with a lid; refrigerate until cold, about 35 minutes. Serve with ice cream or yogurt. Will keep in refrigerator, covered, up to 2 weeks.