Grilled Ancho Shrimp Filling

Grilled Ancho Shrimp Filling
Photo: Lisa Hubbard
3 cups

If you want to add some Mexican recipes to your repertoire, try this easy quesadilla for tonight's dinner. The filling is made with peppery grilled shrimp and balanced with mild Monterey Jack cheese and our Mango and Roasted Yellow Pepper Salsa.


  • ¾ pound medium shrimp

  • 1 tablespoon ancho-chile powder

  • ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper

  • 2 teaspoons canola oil

  • 2 teaspoons salt


  1. Peel and devein shrimp. Place in a small bowl with ancho-chile powder, cayenne, and oil, and stir until well coated.

  2. Cover; chill 30 minutes. Heat a grill or broiler. Salt shrimp, and cook 2 to 3 minutes on each side, until cooked through.

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