Eli Zabar's Fig and Prosciutto Sandwiches

Dale DeGroff's Martini
2 sandwiches

Eli Zabar, owner of The Vinegar Factory in New York City, believes that with only a few fresh ingredients, you can achieve a full-flavored sandwich. This is one of Eli's favorite recipes.


  • 1 rosemary focaccia

  • 3 figs, cut in thin rounds

  • 1 prosciutto

  • 1 handful arugula, washed

  • Extra-virgin olive oil

  • Freshly ground pepper


  1. Thinly slice 4 pieces of focaccia vertically.

  2. Place layer of figs on one piece of focaccia.

  3. Add a slice of prosciutto and a handful of arugula.

  4. Sprinkle arugula with olive oil. Season with pepper to taste. Top with another slice of bread, and press firmly on sandwich to flatten. Cut in half. Repeat from step 2 with 2 more slices bread.

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