Easy Vegetarian Summer Rolls


Many summer rolls contain shrimp, chicken, or pork, but for people who enjoy meatless dishes, this one is filled with fresh herbs, scallions, frisee lettuce, carrots, red peppers, and daikon for a lovely vegetarian option.


  • 12 eight-and-a-half-inch rice-paper wrappers

  • 1 medium head frisee lettuce

  • 4 medium carrots, peeled, cut in matchsticks

  • 1 daikon radish, peeled, cut in matchsticks

  • 1 red bell pepper, seeds and membranes removed, cut in matchsticks

  • 4 scallions, peeled, ends trimmed, washed, and cut in matchsticks

  • 1 bunch fresh mint

  • 1 bunch fresh cilantro


  1. Dip a rice-paper wrapper into a bowl of warm water for 5 seconds; transfer to a clean work surface (the wrapper will still feel hard but will soften as it sits).

  2. Lay a piece of frisee on bottom third of rice paper; top with some carrots, daikon, pepper, scallions, mint, and cilantro.

  3. Roll, tucking in one end as you roll and leaving the opposite end open. Place roll on a plate; cover with a damp paper towel. Continue filling and rolling rice paper until all ingredients are used. Do not refrigerate. Serve within 30 minutes.

Cook's Notes

Rather than cutting the julienned vegetables to length, we left one end untucked for dramatic effect.

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