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Chocolate Easter Eggs Wrapped in Foil

Peel away the colorful tinfoil and you'll find a sweet surprise! This idea from Linda Facci of Facci Designs works like magic: ordinary eggs are filled with solid chocolate.

Photography: Linda Facci

Source: Martha Stewart


Linda's tip: Try filling your eggs with different types of chocolate: dark, milk, white, or tint your white chocolate Easter colors! Create a solid egg or layer the different types of chocolates. Add sprinkles, crushed nuts, or rice cereal -- have fun mixing and matching your confectionery creations!


  • Eggs

  • Craft knife

  • Nail scissors

  • Glue

  • Plastic bag

  • Foil candy wrappers

  • Small bowl


  1. Hollow out a real egg. I used a craft blade to make a small opening at the bottom and then with a nail scissor, I cut a 1/4" hole. Clean out the inside.

  2. Sterilize the egg thoroughly in the microwave to kill any bacteria that may be left in the egg.

  3. Add some chocolate to a plastic sandwich bag and melt in the microwave; once melted, snip the tip of the bag and fill your egg. Let chocolate harden.

  4. Apply glue to outside of egg. Tear your foil into smaller pieces and affix to the egg.

  5. Display in a pretty decorative nest or a simple egg carton. Crack open, and enjoy!

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