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Cute Woodland Animal Easter Eggs

What's that hiding in the bushes? It's a congregation of cute forest critters! Think: itty-bitty birds, foxes, squirrels, and bunnies. Kids will love making their features: beady eyes and funny noses, and adults will adore them too.

Photography: Manal Aman for photography

Source: Martha Stewart


Emptying eggs lets you save your creations for next year! To blow out an egg, pierce the egg at both ends with a utility knife, widening one hole. Poke a straightened paper clip through wide hole; stir yolk. Place a syringe into the smaller hole and squeeze. The contents will pour out, producing a hollow egg. Watch our 1-minute video for the quick tutorial on how to blow out an egg. And for drying your painted eggs, a drying pin-board makes for even drying and quick cleanup.


  • Eggs (hard-boiled or blown out)

  • Craft paint in light blue, reddish-orange, brown, and black

  • Paintbrush

  • Glue

  • Construction paper in yellow, white, black and light pink


  1. Apply three coats of acrylic paint to make a light blue egg, a reddish-orange egg, and a brown egg. Leave the last egg white. Let dry.

  2. Use construction paper to cut out facial features. To make a blue bird, cut out a beak from yellow paper. To make a fox, cut out two petal-like shapes in white paper and cut out a nose from black paper. To make a squirrel, cut out a nose from black paper and teeth from white paper. To make a bunny, cut out a nose and ears from pink paper.

  3. Glue all paper details to eggs with a paintbrush.

  4. Add eyes to eggs with black paint.

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