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One-Pot Brisket And How to Use Your Leftovers

Cooking beef brisket in a Dutch oven allows for a one-pot show that includes browning the meat (flavor alert!) before popping the whole thing in the oven for a nice, slow braise. What’s (literally) more, you can turn the leftovers into three distinctly different dishes, each requiring very little time -- or effort.

Photography by: linda xiao

Our charmed brisket recipe calls upon the talents of a few classic kitchen ingredients --mustard, lemon, and white wine -- for robust results brimming with flavor. Hearty root vegetables jump in for the final 45 minutes of cooking, the perfect accompaniment to tender bites of brisket. 


Get the Wine-Braised Brisket Recipe


And the Leftovers?

Leftover brisket is essentially the dream mealtime shortcut, here are three quick and delicious ways to serve brisket a second day.

Garlicky Italian Pasta 

Photography by: linda xiao

Fast and flavorful, this quick and easy pasta dinner is about 20 minutes away, tops. Copious amounts of garlic and greens transform the brisket-and-pasta combo into something entirely new. 


Get the Garlicky Italian Pasta Recipe


Spicy Thai-Style Lettuce Wraps

Photography by: linda xiao

Consider this brisket transformed: shredded brisket adds substance to lettuce wraps. A spicy-sweet dressing offsets the richness, as do the crisp, fresh toppings. 

Get the Spicy Thai-Style Lettuce Wraps Recipe


Tangy Sloppy Joes

Photography by: linda xiao

Tossing brisket leftovers in a quick-cooking tomato-based barbecue sauce yields a sweet-and-tangy filling perfect for being sopped up within a toasted hamburger bun. 


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