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Our Bunny Cake Couldn't Be Cuter -- Here's How to Make It

Fancy making our rabbit-shaped carrot cake? It's a great project for an intermediate-level baker and just the thing for Easter.

First consult the recipe. This fabulous creation is baked in a mixing bowl. A little carving is required to create a head, ears, and tail. Then everything is coated in cream-cheese frosting and covered with marshmallows. Here are the four steps to the cutest Easter dessert ever:


1. Assembling the bunny starts with cutting two curved wedges from an overturned bowl-shaped cake. For ease, score cake first with a paring knife. Follow outline with a longer knife; trim smooth.The body, viewed from above, resembles a snowman: a small head and a larger body. The bunny’s head and body are slightly pointed, to create the shape of the nose and tail.


2. The pieces that were cut away are used to create the ears. Cut each one at an angle so it can sit leaning back on the head. Carve a ball-shaped piece with one flat side out of cake remnants to make the tail.


3. After attaching the ears and the tail with cream-cheese frosting, chill the cake to set them in place. The entire cake is then frosted using an offset spatula. Give the bunny a coat that is thick enough to cover the color of the carrot cake.


4. Place mini marshmallows on cake just after frosting; crowd them (on sides or standing up) for a furry effect. Before covering face, add chocolatecovered espresso-bean eyes and a jellybean nose, then insert sliced pale-yellow-licorice whiskers. Apply cotton candy just before serving (it disintegrates after two hours): Drape wispy lengths inside ears and on tail, layering for texture and color.


And this is the result:

Get the Bunny Carrot Cake Recipe

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