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Washi Tape Origami Crane Wall Art

Make a bold visual statement with this origami crane. For maximum effect, place the crane on an empty wall with little furniture. For a more subtle look, scale it down in size or use a color that creates a low contrast when against the wall.

Photography: Angie Cao

Source: Martha Stewart


The following is reprinted with permissions from "Fun with Washi Tape: 35 Ways to Instantly Refresh Your Home, Accessories, and Packages with Washi Tape" by Jessica Okui.


  • Tape measure

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • Eraser

  • 1 roll of washi tape

  • Thin washi tape

  • Scissors


  1. Using your tape measure, pencil, and ruler, and creating 6-inch squares, very lightly draw a grid on your wall that is 6 squares high and 9 squares wide. If you want to make a smaller crane, make your wall grid squares smaller. You'll be using Fig. 1 as a reference for where the crane fits in your squares.

  2. You'll notice that the head of the crane is in the first square on the left and three squares down. So you'll place the head of your crane on the wall in the first square on the left and three squares down. The tip of the beak is in the bottom left corner of that square, so you'll begin by placing the beak in that section of the square on your wall. (Let the edges of the washi tape overlap; you'll trim them later.)

  3. When placing washi tape on the wall to create the crane, make note of where the lines of the crane hit in the smaller grid squares of Fig. 1, and position the tape the same way in your larger squares on the wall. Do this to make the entire crane.

  4. To make the center of the wings, run a piece of thin washi tape from the tip of the wings to the body.

  5. Go back in with the scissors and trim the tape where the edges overlap to make clean seams.

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