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Washi Tape DIY Faux Headboard

Make a whimsical focal statement in your bedroom with this faux headboard. It's a great way to add a splash of color on the wall without the commitment of an actual headboard. Feel free to get creative and add finials or stripes to make it your own style.

Photography: Angie Cao

Source: Martha Stewart


The following is reprinted with permissions from "Fun with Washi Tape: 35 Ways to Instantly Refresh Your Home, Accessories, and Packages with Washi Tape" by Jessica Okui.


Note: When creating the headboard, you'll want your bed to be slightly wider than the headboard. The project was designed for a standard twin-size bed. You may need to make adjustments for a bed that's a different size.


  • Tape measure

  • Pencil

  • 1 roll of washi tape

  • Parchment paper


  1. Start with a clean wall and place your bed where you want it to be. Then move your bed forward a bit so you can mark on the wall. Find the center of your bed with the tape measure and lightly mark that spot on your wall with the pencil. Measure out 17 ½ inches from that point to the left and make a mark; measure the same distance from that center point to the right and make a small mark (shown by the two large black dots in Fig. 1). Those two marks are where the bases of the two outside bedposts will be. The bedpost bases will extend 2 inches down from the top of the bed to conceal the tape ends.

  2. Now you will make the vertical lines for the left bedpost. From the dot for the base of the left bedpost (refer to the black dots in Fig.1), measure directly up 37 inches and lightly mark the wall with the pencil (see the large black dots in Fig. 2). Place a piece of washi tape from the bottom left dot on your wall.

  3. With scissors, trim the tape to make a straight edge, if needed. Working inside of the tape you just placed, add a second piece of washi tape that is parallel to the first piece, with a 1 inch gap between the two.

  4. Repeat the second step for the right bedpost. Finish off the bedposts with a 3 inch piece of washi tape placed horizontally on top of each of the two bedposts. To easily cut the washi tape, place a piece of tape on parchment paper, measure, and cut. Peel off the tape and place it on the wall.

  5. Now you're going to make the top arches (see Fig. 3). Cut out all pieces of washi tape for the arches a little longer than the measurements shown in Fig. 3. Place the tape on the wall to form two parallel arches following the diagram, starting 4 ½ inch down from the tops of the bedposts. Your tape pieces will overlap a little. With scissors, trim the tape pieces so the edges line up together.

  6. Now you will make the bottom edge of the headboard. Starting at the bottom inside of the bedposts (see Fig. 3), measure up 4 inches and mark with pencil lightly on the wall. Place a horizontal piece of washi tape from bedpost to bedpost. With scissors, trim the tape so the edges line up together.

  7. Now you will make the vertical stripes of the headboard. Starting with the center stripes, use your tape measure and pencil to mark the top and bottom spots for placement of the two center pieces of washi tape, according to the measures in Fig. 3. Place the washi tape on the wall and trim with scissors for clean edges.

  8. According to the measurements in Fig. 3, measure and mark where the side vertical stripes of the headboard will be placed, between the center stripes and the bedposts. Place the washi tape on the wall to create the two vertical stripes on each side. Trim the tape with scissors for clean edges.

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