How to Throw the Sweetest Baby Sprinkle Party

You did the shower the first time. The second or third time around, all you really need is an adorable "sprinkle." It's a less extravagant affair but with all the fun!


It used to be traditional etiquette that a baby shower is thrown for a expectant mother, once and only the first time. But where's the fun in that? Nowadays, it's becoming more popular to throw a party for a second or even third baby! After all, it's a sweet occasion to reunite friends and family, give the older siblings to the new baby a chance to participate, and the expecting mother can always use new baby toys, clothes, and equipment. It's also a second chance to celebrate with friends and coworkers who may not have been present for the first baby. Instead of "showering" the new mother with gifts, the guests can "sprinkle" her with the necessities that fit her new needs. Think: baby bathroom essentials, a new toy, and (of course, always) diapers.

But beyond the basic planning, how do you decorate the space? We have a few colorful ideas that the mom-to-be (again) is sure to love.


A bouquet of white roses -- you could also use calla lilies or daisies -- really makes the multi-colored sprinkles pop. Want to make them? Working with one bloom at a time, dust a light coat of spray adhesive on the rose; then, dip the rose into a bowl of sprinkles and let settle. You can arrange several roses into a spectacular centerpiece or snip the ends and present them individually at table settings.


Using a set of multi-colored stickers (you can buy these at your local office supply store), peel and stick on a white balloon. For a cohesive look, we used stickers that were similar to the multi-colored sprinkles used on the roses.

Bryan Gardner


It's not a baby sprinkle without sweets and treats! For a small party of guests, you can offer a dessert buffet with vanilla cupcakes topped with clip-art flags and coated in classic multicolored sprinkles. For a bigger crowd, a sprinkle cake is a showstopper. Our whimsical version is a vanilla cake coated generously in swiss meringue buttercream frosting and packed with sprinkles, inside and out.

Erin Furey, host of "DIY Style" shows you how to make and decorate using these sprinkle-inspired ideas.

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