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Potato Salad -- Hold the Mayo!

Who doesn't love potatoes? And potato salad? It's one of the easiest and most loved dishes of summer. But if you don't like or can't eat mayonnaise you might think potato salad is off your menu. Think again, this favorite side doesn't need that dairy. 


Try Something Totally Different

Dry cook the potato for a change in texture. Some of the allure of the classic potato salad comes from its creamy consistency, but a roasted, grilled, or even fried potato salad, where the tasty tasty spuds have crisp, caramelized browned spots, has it's own appeal.


Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Dress It Hot

The trick to infusing a potato salad with flavor is to dress it while the potatoes are hot, which is typical of a German-style potato salad. A simple vinaigrette or even a stand-alone vinegar cuts into fluffy spuds for a bright punch of flavor, and be sure to try other favorite salad dressings and preparations, such as a Caesar, as you expand your no-mayo potato salad repetoire. 


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potato salad
Photography by: Johnny Miller

Who Says It Has to Be All Potatoes?

Toss in untraditional mix-ins for a new angle on flavor. Lettuces and greens lighten a potato salad, and introducing other flavorful ingredients, such as bacon or pickled goods like capers and cornichons, will bring unique flavors to the mild, palate-pleasing canvas that is potato salad. 


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Watch Martha and Sarah Carey prepare a Potato and Olive Salad: